Each summer, visiting artists, curators, and scholars participate in the MFA Intensive Residency Program. In addition to critiques and studio visits with students, Visiting Artists deliver a public lecture.

All lectures in this series are hosted in Osher Hall and are open to the public at no charge. Seating is limited. Call 207.699.5010 for more information.

List of 2016 Summer artists soon.

Summer 2015 Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Ben Street, Art Historian

Ben Street is a freelance art historian, museum educator, and writer who lectures on art old and new for a variety of London museums.

Adam Brown, Conceptual Artist

Adam Brown’s work incorporates art and science hybrids including living and biological systems, robotics, and molecular chemistry.

Laura Larson, Photographer

Laura Larson mines the intersection between documentary and poetic practices and poses questions about the medium and its terms of representation: its materials, histories, and social meanings.

Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley, Performance

Language, literature and history inform their work, which combines video, poetry, animation, performance, and painting that are filled with punning

Christopher Whittey, Artist, Arts Administrator

Christopher’s work interrogates labor, working class issues, and relations of power in contemporary society.

Inka Essenhigh, Painter

Inka Essenhigh’s paintings draw on an astute awareness of contemporary culture and her immediate environment.

Chunghie Lee, Fiber Artist

Chunghie Lee is a fiber artist and writer whose study of Pojagi: Korean Traditional Wrapping Cloths, has inspired wall pieces, sculptures and wearable work.

Robert Hobbs, Art Historian

Hobbs is recognized as a scholar, teacher, and curator, Hobbs specializes in both late modern and post-modern art.


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