Welcome to Maine College of Art.

For more than 135 years, MECA has been committed to educating artists for life. The MECA education is rooted in artistic excellence, creative entrepreneurship, and civic engagement.

Today, the vitality of our mission is clearly exemplified by our expanding facilities and resources, highly engaged and prolific student body, growing network of successful alumni, impressive caliber of faculty, visiting artists and guest lecturers, and supportive team of staff.

MECA’s  educational experience will prepare you for a multitude of creative pursuits while giving you the necessary tools to succeed in your chosen path. Our interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on models of creative practice, ensuring that you will graduate with a solid understanding of how to most effectively use your passions, talents, and education to make a living as a professional artist and designer.

Located in the heart of Portland, Maine’s thriving Downtown Arts District, MECA is perfectly situated at the core of one of America’s most livable cities. Portland is a place of true cultural distinction that celebrates creative expression, individualism, and originality. Renowned locally, nationally, and internationally for awe-inspiring natural beauty, historic architecture, and an edgy urban pulse, a brief walk around the city reveals how easily one can fall in love with this great destination that MECA proudly calls home.

At MECA, we believe that art and culture make our communities better. We are committed to empowering a new generation of creative-problem solving Artists at Work. I invite you to plan a visit, explore the campus culture, and discover for yourself how MECA provides an incomparable, individualized foundation for a successful career in the arts. We look forward to welcoming you as part of our vibrant, challenging, and highly supportive community.

I encourage you to schedule a personalized visit so you can discover MECA for yourself

Laura Freid