Our Bachelor of Fine Arts program is a four-year course of study based conceptually on the following sequence: Foundation, Majoring, and Core Seminars. The BFA degree requires 120 credits to graduate, with requirements across Art and Design Studio courses and Academic Studies courses in Art History and Liberal Arts. Each of the 11 majors offered at the college has their own studio and 24/7 access to facilities. With under 400 students, the program allows for intimate class sizes and access to our faculty of artist educators.

At MECA&D, you’ll receive individualized attention from faculty and staff to help you grow as an artist and strengthen your work. This begins with the application process, and the MECA&D Admissions team will work with you to make sure you’re putting your strongest possible application forward. We review hundreds of portfolios each year, both in-person and online, and it’s our job to help you put together your best work.

  • We invite you to an individual portfolio review session with an admissions counselor to receive feedback on your portfolio! These sessions can be exploratory info sessions, a time to get guidance on your portfolio, or an opportunity to submit your portfolio for an application. To schedule an individual session, please email admissions@meca.edu.
  • Learn how to put your best portfolio together with this one-hour virtual session! A MECA&D Admissions Counselor will give insight into what admissions offices at art schools look for in a portfolio, tips to showcase the work that makes you stand out, and how you can use your portfolio as a way for admissions counselors to get to know who you are as an artist. We'll also cover the requirements for Maine College of Art & Design's application, as well as what we mean by the term "observational drawing" and why it's so important. Register here for the Portfolio Prep 101 session on Wednesday, January 26!

When evaluating applications, we’re looking for all of your strengths with consideration given to your portfolio and academic achievements. Each applicant is considered for merit-based scholarships upon acceptance to the College.

High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in getting a BFA are encouraged to check out our Pre-College program for support building a portfolio and earning college credits while getting a better understanding of what it means to be BFA student.

We invite applications from students who will contribute to the diversity of our student body, including traditional high school applicants, transfers, non-traditional and international students, and veterans.