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During the Fall and Spring trimesters, each low residency student is carefully paired with a studio advisor from their home location who meets with them one-on-one in their studios.

With over a decade of experience, the program has established an extensive network of studio advisors across North America and abroad, and are able to support students living in any location. While many of our instructors are practicing studio artists, we are committed to exploring other disciplinary perspectives through faculty whose research areas lie outside the arts Advisors meet one-on-one with students in their personal studios to offer mentorship, critique, and feedback.

The program has established an extensive network of studio advisors across North America and abroad who can support students living in any location.


Cynthia Innis, Oakland, CA
Desiree Holman, Oakland CA
Harry Gamboa Jr., Los Angeles CA
J. Morgan Puett, Sausalito, CA
Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Santa Monica CA

Michelle O’Marah, Los Angeles, CA
Stayna Kahn, Los Angeles, CA
Suzanne Lacy, Oakland, CA
Will Rogan, Albany, CA


Yumi Janairo Roth, Boulder, CO

Pard Morrison, Colorado Springs, CO


Josh Gaetjen, New Haven CT
Leila Daw, Branford, CT


Phillip Buntin, Storrs, CT
Sherry Buckberrough, Hartford, CT


Celeste Roberge, Gainesville, FL
John Giancola, S. Pasadena, FL
Julia Morrisroe, Gainsville, FL

Rocky Bridges, Tarpon Springs, FL
Sergio Vega, Gainsville, FL
William Hill, Jacksonville, FL


Daniel Fuller, Atlanta, GA



Andrea Hoelscher, Forest Park, IL
Hamza Walker, Chicago, IL
Mary Lou Zelazny, Chicago, IL
Michelle Grabner, Oak Park, IL

Paul D’Amato, Chicago, IL
Philip Vanderhyden, Chicago, IL
Richard Deutch, Chicago, IL
Sa Schloff, Chicago, IL


Katherine Ross, Valparaiso, IN

Rosanne Altstatt, Lafayette IN


Stacey Switzer, Kansas City, KS



Barbara Houghton, Alexandria, KY

Mitch Eckert, Louisville, KY


Kelli Scott Kelley, Baton Rouge, LA
Michael Crespo, Baton Rouge, LA

Mikey Walsh, Baton Rouge, LA


Amy Podmore, Williamstown, MA
Annette Lemieux, Brookline, MA
Bill Arning, Cambridge MA
Caitlin Berrigan, Cambridge MA
Christoph Cox, Amherst, MA
Denise Marika, Brookline, MA
Ellen Driscoll, Cambridge MA
Erika Adams, Jamaica Plain, MA
Heddi Siebel, Cambridge MA
Jane Hudson, Jamaica Plain, MA
Jill Reynolds, Cambridge MA
Jim Cambronne, Jamaica Plain, MA
Joan Baches, Seekonk MA

Joao Ribas, Cambridge, MA
Julia Scher, Sommerville, MA
Julie Graham, Medford, MA
Katherine Jackson, Somerville, MA
Lelia Amalfitano, Boston, MA
Lorie Hammermesh, Auburndale MA
Marianne Roth, Provincetown, MA
Mary Anderson, Cambridge MA
Paul Stopforth, Jamaica Plain, MA
Phyllis McGibbon, Wellesley, MA
Rosamond Purcell, Medford, MA
Sean Glover, Roslindale, MA
Shellburne Thurber, Cambridge MA


Aaron Stephan, Portland, ME
Abby Shahn, Solon, ME
Adam Manley, Portland, ME
Adriane Herman, South Portland, ME
Alison Ferris, Brunswick, ME
Alison Hildreth, Falmouth, ME
Andrea Sulzer, Woolwich, ME
Anna Hepler, Portland, ME
Anne Bertus, Portland, ME
Barak Olins, South Freeport, ME
Bennett Morris, Portland, ME
Cassie Jones, Brunswick, ME
Chris Whittey, Portland, ME
Christina Bechstein, Portland, ME
Christine Cantwell, Portland, ME
Christopher Thompson, Cumberland Foreside, ME
Deborah Wing Sproul, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Eda Cufer, Freeport, ME
Elizabeth Jabar, Portland, ME
Elizabeth Olbert, Gorham, ME
Ellen Lesperance, South Portland, ME
Gail Spaien, Kittery Point, ME
George LaRou, South Portland, ME
George Mason, Nobleboro, ME
George Smith, Portland, ME
Gideon Bok, Camden, ME
Grace DeGenarro, Yarmouth, ME
Greta Bank, Hollis, ME
Hilary Irons, Portland, ME

Honour Mack, Portland, ME
Iain Kerr, Portland, ME
Joe Kievitt, Portland, ME
Jonathan Calame, South Portland, ME
Julie Poitras Santos, Portland, ME
Justin Kirchoff, Eliot, ME
Karen Adrienne, Gardiner, ME
Katarina Weslien, Portland, ME
Lars Jerlach, Portland, ME
Laura Lisbon, Portland, ME
Lauren Fensterstock, Portland, ME
Leon Johnson, Portland, ME
Ling-Wen Tsai, Portland, ME
Lucinda Bliss, Bath, ME
Margo Halverson, Portland, ME
Mark Bessire, Portland, ME
Mark Wethli, Brunswick, ME
Marlene Ekola Gerberick, Bath, ME
Michael Shaughnessy, Windham, ME
Michelle Trudo, Portland, ME
Peter Shellenberger, Edgecomb, ME
Robert Lieber, Portland, ME
Rose Marasco, Portland, ME
Sam Van Aken, Portland, ME
Scott Peterman, Hollis, ME
Sharon Portelance, South Portland, ME
Warren Seelig, Rockland, ME
William Pope L., Lewiston, ME


Adam Brown, East Lansing, MI
Hartmut Austen, Rochester Hills, MI

Stephen Goody, Rochester MI


John Early, St. Louis, MO
Raechell Smith, Kansas City, MO

Ronald Leax, St. Louis, MO


Terry Graff, Fredericton, NB

North Carolina

Juan Logan, Chapel Hill, NC
Roxana Perez-Mendez, Chapel Hill, NC

Tom Rankin, Hillsborough, NC

New Hampshire

Jo Ann Jones, Exeter, NH

New Jersey

Petia Morozov, Montclair, NJ

New York

Alix Pearlstein, New York, NY
Amy Yoes, New York, NY
Andrea Fraser, New York, NY
Ann Noel Williams, Berlin, Germany
Barbara Gallucci, Brooklyn NY
Bonnie Collura, Brooklyn NY
Bonnie Marranca, New York, NY
Carolee Schneemann, New Paltz, NY
Chris Nau, Ithaca, NY
Christopher White, Ancramdale, NY
Chuck Agro, Brooklyn NY
Corin Hewitt, Brooklyn NY
Corinne Botz, Brooklyn NY
Daniel Bozhkov, New York, NY
Dara Birnbaum, New York, NY
David Humphrey, New York, NY
Dewitt Godfrey, Hamilton, NY
Ernesto Pujol, Brooklyn NY
Frank Owen, Keene Valley, NY
James Wentzy, New York, NY
Jeanne Silverthorne, New York, NY
Jessica Murray, Brooklyn NY
Jillian Conrad, Brooklyn NY
Joanne Greenbaum, New York, NY
Jody Ake, Brooklyn NY
Jorge Colombo, New York, NY
Julia Keydel, New York, NY
Karina Aguillera, Skvirsky NY

Kathy Bradford, New York, NY
Kevin & Jennifer McCoy, Brooklyn NY
Kryzsztof Wodiczko, New York, NY
Laurence Hegarty, New York, NY
Lee Boroson, Brooklyn NY
Lillian Ball, New York, NY
Linda Post, Brooklyn NY
Lisa Bateman, New York, NY
Lydia Dona, New York, NY
Mary Flanagan, New York, NY
Matt Mullican, New York, NY
Michael Oatman, Troy, NY
Mira Schor, New York, NY
Nancy Bowen, Brooklyn NY
Nina Katchadourian, Brooklyn NY
Patricia Thornley, New York, NY
Paul Bartow, Watkins Glen, NY
Peter Simensky, Brooklyn NY
Regine Basha, Brooklyn NY
Robert Rutman, Berlin, Germany
Robert Storr, New York, NY
Shirley Kaneda, New York, NY
Tom Burckhardt, New York, NY
Vito Acconci, Brooklyn NY
Vivian Koorland, New York, NY
Whitfield Lovell, New York, NY


Dan Tranberg, Cleveland, OH
Don Harvey, Cleveland, OH

Jonathan Wayne, Cleveland, OH
Sean Foley, Worthington, OH


Cris Moss, Portland, OR
Harrell Fletcher, Portland, OR
Holly Andres, Portland, OR
Janet Reaves, Eugene OR

John Schmor, Eugene, OR
Stuart Horodner, Portland, OR
Tracey Cockrell, Portland, OR


Carolina Loyola Garcia, Pittsburgh, PA
Caroline Lathan-Stiefel, West Chester, PA
David Weinkauf, Conneautville PA
Jennie Shanker, Philadelphia, PA

Julie Courtney, Philadelphia, PA
Justyna Badach, Philadelphia, PA
Mark Dion, Beach Lake, PA
Warren Angle, Philadelphia, PA


Norman Magden, Knoxville, TN


Anna Collette, Austin, TX
J. George Cisneros, San Antonio, TX
Libby Rowe, San Antonio, TX
Riley Robinson, San Antonio, TX

Geoff Winningham, Houston, TX
Martha Kennan, Houston, TX
Paul Hester, Houston TX
Stan Pipkin, Houston, TX


Allyn Hart, Alta, UT

Kaiti Slater, Salt Lake City, UT


Simone Paterson, Christiansburg, VA

Hope Ginsburg, Richmond, VA


Catherine Hall, Burlington, VT

David Bumbeck, Middlebury, VT

Washington D.C.

Inga McCaslin Frick, Washington, DC

Ron Hayne, Washington DC


Dennis Manley, Milwaukee, WI

Dale Malner, Madison, WI


Bruce Parsons, United States
Catherine Jansen, United States
Fred Woell, United States

Gerry Nichols, United States
Johnnie Ross, United States
Leigh Tarantino, United States


Colleen Wolstenholme, Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Canada
David Ross, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Evergon, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Lynn Hughes, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Rebecca Duclos, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Rita McKeough, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Kenneth Lum, Vancouver BC

Ann Noel Williams, Berlin, Germany
Robert Rutman, Berlin, Germany