MAT Candidates AY 2018-2019

Alex Boucher is from Ridgefield, CT. She received her BFA in Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2015. Prior to her arrival at MECA, she worked as a graphic designer at a small wine shop in Connecticut. She has also worked as a YMCA summer camp counselor and horseback riding instructor. When she’s not creating art, she enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, going to concerts, spending time with her family and friends, and running around with her dog, Reggie.

Erica Boyles is an artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She holds a BFA in studio art and a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota and has spent the first seven years of her career working as an architectural designer. Erica is active in her local art community, serving as an art instructor in after-school programs, city parks, an art museum, a children’s hospital, and a senior living facility. She believes in the vital importance of creativity and making art. Erica is excited to be part of the Master of Arts in Teaching program at MECA.

Andrew Cook, a local hard working independent artist, graduated MECA in 2005 with a BFA in Graphic Design, and has been producing work at a fever pitch ever since. Spending a few years in a corporate atmosphere, Andrew realized his place as a creative was not in a cubicle, and went off on his own. As a stay at home dad, he was able to raise his kids, continue freelance design on an intimate level and began a popular local brand based after Maine’s iconic crustacean, the lobster. Additionally, Andrew has been able to share his talents with many local companies, nonprofits and charitable organizations, including multiple room-sized murals for the Maine Children’s Cancer Center in South Portland. Working closely within the community has opened many doors, introduced him to like-minded thinkers and entrepreneurs as well as given him many opportunities to share his passion. Now, Andrew is on the path he was always heading for, teaching our children how to think “out-of-the-box” like a creative, make meaning like an artist, take risks like a daredevil and to never be afraid of getting “it” wrong.

McKenzie Davidson is a teacher candidate at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Plymouth State University, with a concentration in Painting, and a minor in Art History. McKenzie has spent the last two years at Grace Academy Middle School (Hartford, CT), teaching 6th and 7th grade English, Social Studies, and Art. Although she was serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer, she was a head teacher and also an advisor. Grace Academy serves low-income families from the Hartford area and strives for student admission into private high schools. McKenzie advocates for community service and seeks to incorporate cultural awareness into her teaching style.

Originally from Boulder, CO, Jennifer Emrich received a Master’s with Honors from the Bangor Theological Seminary in 2007 and began a career focused on building justice-making programming with liberal religious institutions in Maine. She has worked with the City of Portland to create welcoming environments for New Mainers, and led numerous cultural and justice-based exchanges and workshops across the country and in Transylvania, France, Ireland and Guatemala. Facilitating these transformative experiences lead Jennifer to return to her first loves – art and classroom teaching and learning. As a printmaker she continues to work with the City and local non-profits to offer opportunities to asylum-seeking families. As a teacher, she’s honored to be a Master of Arts Teaching candidate at MECA.

Brian Killeen’s love of the artistic process was first encouraged by his family in St. Louis, and later by his high school art teacher, who introduced him to many media, including oil paint. In 1995, Brian graduated from the University of Kansas with a BFA in Illustration. After working as a freelance illustrator for the Post-Dispatch in St. Louis, he moved to New York City, where he continued with illustration, as well as studio assisting for friends who were painters, photographers, and carpenters. Brian later worked in Boston as a scenic artist for the American Repertory Theater and Huntington Theater. Since moving with his family to Maine in 2008, Brian’s artwork has gone through many phases of exploration and growth. In his recent cityscapes of New York City and Portland, Brian has taken a more playful, abstract approach, which is something that has grown out of watching his children’s fluid, direct mark making. Brian has enjoyed working with his cohort at MECA in the MAT program and is excited for what the future will bring.

Meredith Radford is an artist and designer living in Kennebunkport, Maine. She graduated with a BFA from Concordia University (Montreal), and has been a professional artist and graphic designer for over 15 years. Her work toggles between hand drawn illustration, digital media, collage and painting. As a dedicated surfer and outdoor enthusiast, she is deeply inspired by the ocean and nature. With a desire to spread her artistic passions, she began teaching as an elementary level substitute teacher and hosting a variety of artistic workshops. Her newfound love for teaching led her to enroll in the MAT program at MECA as an art teacher candidate.

Justine Lasdin Springer lives in Portland, Maine and is inspired by the outdoors that surround her. Art has always been a focus in her life from teaching, photography, sculpture, and painting. Born and raised in the Bay Area, north of San Francisco, she started her art training taking classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco during high school. She then continued studies at the California College of Art and Craft and earned a BFA at Humboldt University. Sometimes, if we believe in our minds we have excellence, we can do anything. This is something her dad gave to her at such a young age and she works to continue this simple mind frame when doing her own work and teaching others how to embrace the passion in art. She enjoys teaching the freedom and playfulness in art by teaching others to let go of the end result and be present with the process first and is excited to incorporate this idea into K-12 teaching.

Abby Winterbrook graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with her Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications with a concentration in Photography in 2018. Abby spent a year substitute teaching in grades K-12 prior to enrolling in the Master of Arts in Teaching program at Maine College of Art. Abby was born in northwestern Ohio, but during childhood her family moved often, exposing her to various communities across the United States. While living in Colorado as a teenager, Abby’s passion for photography was ignited. Spending much of her time outdoors capturing photographs of landscapes, wildlife, and plant life, her love of photography continued to grow. Abby’s love of photography inspired her to create artworks across multiple mediums such as drawings, graphic designs, paintings, sculptures, and ceramics that reflect the natural world. Abby looks forward to combining her love of art and teaching as a teacher candidate in the MAT program at MECA.