MAT Candidates AY 2017-2018

Lauren Berg graduated from RISD with her BFA in Graphic Design and Painting in 2007. For the 10 years that followed, she lived and worked full time in Brooklyn for a farm-to-table restaurant/event space holding various titles from General Manager, to Director of Operations to the sole Private Events Manager, booking and organizing over 70 weddings per year. While this work stimulated her and grew her skills in many ways, she always knew she would return full force to the arts and is making that change now, attending the MAT program at MECA. Lauren looks forward to becoming a dynamic and switched on arts-educator who can advocate for the arts in the education system while maintaining a thriving personal artistic practice.

Art has always been a fundamental part of Coreysha Stone‘s life, learning, and expression. Stone was fortunate to have support and encouragement with her artistic pursuits early on and as a child attended art classes at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. In high school she participated in classes at the Art Student’s League and received private lessons while spending summers in Maine. Stone received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic. Stone has spent the last 8 years working as a Licensed/Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, providing services to children (birth to fifteen) in a variety of settings. The art and children’s books that she creates are steeped in building awareness and appreciation of the natural world. Art is a motivation to get little hands touching, pulling, pushing, squishing, and strengthening while experimenting with colors, textures, and materials.

​Jabez Malmude received a B.A. in Art and Entrepreneurial Studies in 2014 from the University of Southern Maine, focusing on digital arts. He is an exhibiting fine artist and gained three years of gallery management experience at Elizabeth Moss Galleries in Falmouth, Maine. Jabez plans to keep three main threads of his life active: fine art, education, and business. He sees education, both teaching and learning, as the bridge between art and economic activity. Art, like everything, exists in time, at once and ongoing. His art is about stability and continuity in a civilization that undervalues both. Jabez stands with those values and often expresses them through the bodies and surroundings of the living things he draws. However, he has always tried to connect with people directly, not just as an abstract or hypothetical audience. Teaching allows him to do so.

Raven Lynn Zeh is a print, identity, and performance artist from the small town of Worthington, Massachusetts. She started at Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, Massachusetts at sixteen, graduating with her Associate’s Degree in Visual Art in 2014. The following fall, Raven transferred to Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine to major in printmaking, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in the spring of 2016. After spending a year teaching twelve- to twenty-four-month-olds at Portside Learning Center, she has enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching. Raven’s group exhibitions include Half and Half, a collaborative show with Chinese art students, and her performances Anxious, an interactive installation. After graduation, she hopes to spend some time traveling to teach printmaking techniques to underprivileged children before starting a family and beginning her full-time career as a grade-school art teacher.

Greta Grant is a photographer and visual artist living and working in Portland, Maine. Her work explores human impermanence and mortality through a diaristic lens and a variety of media, primarily color photographs made with medium format film. She was born and raised in Connecticut, but has spent much of her life in mid-coast Maine, a rural setting that has greatly influenced her work. In May 2016, she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Maine College of Art, majoring in Photography with a minor in Art History. Since then, Greta has worked as a photographer’s assistant and maintained her own artistic practice, including completing a weeklong residency in Stonington, Maine. She has now returned to Maine College of Art to earn her Master of Arts in Teaching. After earning this degree, she hopes to teach art at the high school level.

Hannah Bevens received her BFA in Painting with a minor in Theatre Production from The State University of New York at New Paltz in the fall of 2013. Since then she has maintained her art practice, working in painting, drawing, sculpture, drag performance, and jewelry making. Her work discusses the dichotomies of reality and perception as well as desire and necessity. Currently live in Yarmouth, Maine, she plans to move back to the Hudson Valley of New York in hopes of teaching at the high school level. Hannah is most passionate about working with students to push their conceptual boundaries, develop skills to respectfully and constructively engage in critiques, and prepare for art at the collegiate level.

Mattea Weinberg graduated from the Maine College of Art in 2017 with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Public Engagement. She mainly focuses on documentation, reportage and pattern-making. Her influences come from anthropology, ethnography and an exploration of the relationships between objects. Illustrations prepared as a result of her recent trip to India demonstrate Mattea’s gift for illustration and whimsy. From the vantage of a classroom, Mattea is excited to uncover new ways to explore the world we all live.

Tori Parsloe grew up in New Jersey and received her BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017. As an illustrator, she enjoys exploring concepts surrounding outdoor adventures and sustainability. During college Tori spent a semester creating art inspired by the beautiful landscape as she studied at The Burren College of Art in Ireland. Her love for teaching emerged after working as a counselor at a Girl Scout Camp in New Jersey. Tori hopes to channel her dedication for nature and sustainable solutions into her future teaching practice and continue discovering creative ways to connect children with the natural world.

Amanda Albanese was born in Charlestown, Rhode Island. She attended Flagler College, receiving a BA in Psychology and a BFA Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. Upon graduation Amanda moved to New York to pursue her Master of Fine Arts, which she received from Pratt Institute in 2009. After graduating, she returned to Rhode Island and began teaching visual art. Completely inspired, Amanda has since moved to Portland, Maine where she is a teacher candidate in Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Kathryn Mayes graduated Virginia Commonwealth University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Photography and Communication Arts. While interning in Richmond, she was able to participate in the growth of the community through collaborations, teamwork, and creative development. This solidified her interest to be in a classroom setting and facilitate a love of the visual world and the ability to enrich creative thinking.

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Hillary Stucker graduated from Maine College of Art in 2014 with a BFA in Ceramics and a minor in Art History. Her ceramic practice is focused primarily on highly decorated porcelain tableware. After having worked with children in summer camps, after school programs, and youth groups, Hillary decided to pursue a career in teaching. She is excited to work with children of all ages and to return to Portland for this journey.

Megan Cassidy grew up on the east end of Long Island, New York, in a small town called Brookhaven. After graduating from high school, she moved to upstate New York to study at Hudson Valley Community College, earning an associates degree in Fine Art in 2015. It was there that she developed fundamental technical skills in drawing, painting and photography. She then transferred to the Maine College of Art to study Painting, and graduated with her BFA in 2017. The interdisciplinary approach at MECA allowed Megan to gain a deep appreciation and love for ceramics, printmaking, illustration, sculpture, and textiles. Her work is often inspired by folklore and fairy tales and the many books that she reads. Megan hopes that her wide range of skills will enable her to introduce her students to many different ways of creating.

As a life-long Maine resident, Samara (Sam) Yandell is honored to be a Master of Arts in Teaching candidate at Maine College of Art. She has a BA in Studio Art and Communication from University of Southern Maine where she focused on photography and graphic design. In her studio, Sam enjoys making paper toy theaters and books, creating watercolor nature studies, and photography. After several years running the education programs at Portland Stage as an administrator, manager, and fundraiser, Sam is very excited to become an art teacher. Getting to work with children in schools and in the community, while sharing her love for the visual arts, is a dream come true!