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Lecture: Martina Castro | Maine College of Art & Design Visiting Artist

Posted on: August 20th, 2018 by Charlie Gauvin No Comments

Martina Castro, founder of Adonde Media and co-founder of Radio Ambulante, will discuss storytelling and podcasting in the Americas as part of MECA&D's Visiting Artist lecture series. The talk will be hosted in MECA&D's Osher Hall.




Martina Castro is a bilingual radio producer, sound designer and podcast consultant. She is CEO & Founder of Adonde Media, a new podcast production company and the Spanish-language podcast community, Podcaster@s. Over her career she has worked at NPR and KALW, including cofounding and producing NPR's Radio Ambulante.
Martina Castro es una productora de radio, diseñadora de sonido y asesora de podcasts bilingüe. Ella es CEO y fundadora de Adonde Media, una nueva productora de podcast y de la comunidad de podcast en español, Podcaster@s. A lo largo de su carrera ha trabajado en NPR y KALW y es cofundadora del podcast Radio Ambulante de NPR.



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PANEL: From the Northern Triangle to the U.S. Border

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Panel features former U.S. Ambassador to Honduras, James Nealon. The World Affairs Council of Maine in collaboration with the Greater Portland Immigrant Welcome Center and Mainers for Accountable Leadership will host a panel discussion on the recent increase in asylum seekers migrating from the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras) to the United States. We will discuss the myriad factors contributing to migration as well as the role US foreign policy has played in the region over the past 50+ years. Panelists include Ambassador James Nealon; Professor Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz, Bates College; and Professor Gordon Adams, American University.

EXHIBITION: VR Pop-up: At the Periphery | Maine College of Art & Design

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Virtual reality filmmaker Daniel Quintanilla, working with the Yarn Corporation,
will be in the gallery to share At the Periphery, a virtual experience that explores the often
paradoxical idea of "visibility" as it relates to the immigrant experience. In this virtual journey,
one is transported to spaces occupied temporarily or permanently by immigrant communities
in Maine: a seasonal blueberry camp, a community farm organized by refugees, a takeout

This event will be hosted in the Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA&D.


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EXHIBITION: Barça/Barzak: The immigrant’s hope | Papa Mendy

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Hosted by SPEEDWELL Projects, Barça/Barzak is a pop up shop featuring furniture by Senegalese artist Papa Mendy in conjunction with Making Migration Visible: Traces, Tracks, and Pathways. Each piece is handcrafted and made one-of-a-kind from repurposed wood sourced from traditional West African boats.


The canoe is legendary.
Noah used it to save humanity.
Westerners used it for four centuries for the slave trade.
My African brothers use it for clandestine immigration to the West.
Me I turn it into furniture as a sign of hope.


La pirogue est légendaire.
Noé s’en est servi pour sauver l’humanité.
Les occidentaux s’en sont servis quatre siècle durant pour les besoins de la traite négrière.
Mes frères africains s’en servent pour immigrés clandestinement vers l’occident.
Moi je la transforme en meubles en signe d’espoir.
- Papa Mendy


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EXHIBITION: Flight | Alison Hildreth

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Alison's sources are often derived from literature and history. In her current body of work she has been combining disparate ideas concerning migrations, refugees, medical drawings, astronomy, architectural traces, and more. Visual representations of these interests appear as a shape shifting progression where one image morphs into another, changes but still holds the prior imprint.

Opening reception for Flight October 26, 6-8 pm at Speedwell Gallery.


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Empower the Immigrant Woman Conference

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With a mission to “Empower, Educate & Inspire the Immigrant Woman”, EIW works to motivate Maine’s immigrant women to, with the League of Women Voters, highlight voting engagement issues specific to their mission, raise awareness of their challenges,  and honor their community “Trailblazers”. The all-day conference will kick off at 9am with a Forum whose goal will be to educate the newest Americans on the programs and services available to address education, social and challenges faced. Join us at 6pm as we recognize trailblazer women who are serving and changing Maine communities with their work in specific immigrant communities in Maine, across America, and abroad.
Morning events at USM Wishcamper Center
9am - 1pm - Conference Program Flow  
11:30 - 1pm Resource Fair Display & Networking with Service Providers 
5:30pm   Pre-event Reception
6:30pm·  Evening Trailblazer Celebration


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