Student Voice Chairs

Each year 2 students are elected to represent the student body. There is a Student Voice Chair (SVC) for Non-Majors and Majors. Elections are held in the fall of each academic year. Elected SVCs hold open forums with the Dean and President of the College, attended board meetings and hold office hours. Recently the SVCs accomplished getting condom dispensers in the Residence Halls and healthy vending options Porteous.

Sustainability Coordinators

In the fall students may apply to be Sustainability Coordinators. The SCs work closely with student life to improve MECA&D’s sustainability efforts. They also work closely with the Trash Talkers club to improve environmental awareness. The SCs host events to raise awareness about sustainability, evaluate ways to improve sustainability at the college and implement solutions. This year our SCs have worked with the Café and Facilities staff to start composting during meals and in 2 of our Residence Halls. In addition, the SCs are working on other ways that MECA&D can reduce waste and energy consumption and increase recycling efforts.