Student Mail Room

Students may have packages sent to the college, and pick it up when the office is open Monday – Friday, hours are posted outside of the office located on the second floor near the Café.

Both Residential and Non Residential students may have packages shipped to the college, please see below for the address. Residential students may have mail sent to the residence halls but please note that only USPS can be delivered to the residence halls. All Fedex, UPS, etc mail should be sent to the college.

Maine College of Art
522 Congress St
Portland, Maine, 04101

Campus Resources

Information about campus resources like clubs, events, lockers and information about campus resources are available at the Student Life Office. Students may also purchase discounted bus passes for the METRO system.

Taxi Vouchers for minor emergencies are at the desk for students needing urgent care. Vouchers are for emergencies not requiring ambulance transport and cannot be used for routine doctor’s appointment.

Reserve a Locker