The Social Media Ambassador Program highlights the creative and dynamic energy of MECA through a student’s lens. There is a student representative from each BFA Program, one Underclassman, as well as the MFA, MAT, and Salt Program.

Student Ambassadors share their MECA experiences. Think: really awesome project that was just created, an inspiring day-trip to Peaks Island, or the excitement of Late Night Breakfast. It’s a great opportunity to show off what a Program is up to, may it be a class project, special pop-up shop, or exhibition.

The main platform used will be Instagram, with posts being re-purposed (with credit) for Facebook and Twitter. For each post a student makes, it will be assigned points. The more points you achieve, the more MECA bucks you will earn. There will be check-ins mid-semester and at the end of the semester for payment.

Interested in applying? Send an email to the Digital Media Specialist, Nicole Holmes, with the subject line “Student Ambassador Application”.

  • Name
  • Major, Graduation Year
  • Pick one: link to Instagram, link to portfolio site, or three images emailed representing work
  • Why do you think you’d be a great fit as a Student Ambassador?