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Maine College of Art & Design Testing Dashboard

MECA&D is committed to providing regular updates to the community about our COVID-19 testing results. 

Net New Positive Test Cases Conducted at Maine College of Art & Design

  Weekly Reporting Period:
August 30 - September 13, 2021
Weekly Total Tests Weekly Positive Tests Weekly Positivity Rate
4 0 0%


  Cumulative Reporting Period:
August 20, 2020 -
September 13, 2021
Total Tests Administered Total Number of Positive Tests Cumulative Positivity Rate
16,457 11 0.07%

To best protect members of our community, as of August 1, 2021, all students, faculty and staff are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be enrolled in or employed at Maine College of Art & Design, unless approval has been recieved for a qualified exemption. As all MECA&D students, faculty, and staff on campus are now fully vaccinated, we will no longer be requiring every member of our community to be tested weekly. However, regular COVID-19 testing remains an important element of our health management strategy: all incoming students will be required to participate in a COVID-19 test upon arrival and we will continue to test a portion of our population each week to ensure early identification of potential cases, thereby allowing us to conduct contact tracing and to implement prevention and control measures to reduce further transmission.

We are also currently requiring all members of our community to wear a cloth face mask upon entrance to all MECA facilities and at all times in shared spaces regardless of vaccination status. Masks may be removed when alone in studio/majors spaces, private offices, or while eating.

As guidance from the CDC and Maine health officials continues to evolve, we are prepared to make any changes to our policies and procedures necessary to prioritize the health and safety of all MECA&D students, faculty, and staff. 

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