Safe & Healthy MECA

Maine College of Art Testing Dashboard

MECA is committed to providing regular updates to the community about our COVID-19 testing results.

Net New Positive Test Cases Conducted at Maine College of Art

  Weekly Reporting Period: June 1 - June 7, 2021  
Weekly Total Tests Weekly Positive Tests Weekly Positivity Rate
17 0 0%


  Cumulative Reporting Period: August 20, 2020 - June 7, 2021  
Total Tests Administered Total Number of Positive Tests Cumulative Positivity Rate
16,022 11 0.07%

Although COVID-19 cases are on the decline in the state of Maine and around the country, MECA continues to take every precaution, including maintaining the requirement to wear a mask at all times, unless in one's residence, residence hall room, or car.

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