Students at MECA&D tend to have better living situations when rooming with someone who they can live with based on lifestyle and interests, regardless of gender. The Office of Student Life at MECA&D is committed to making sure our spaces are inclusive to students of all genders. All Gender Housing at MECA&D means that Student Life does not determine which students can or cannot live together based on their gender. All students have the option of indicating what genders they feel comfortable living with on the Academic Year Housing Application. We discourage students in relationships from living together.

Why does MECA&D have All Gender Housing?

MECA&D Student Life strives to foster an inclusive culture defined by respect, equity and social responsibility. Through our Diversity Compact, we hope students will learn from the personal experiences of each other while living in a small, impactful community. All Gender Housing aligns with MECA&D’s core values, Student Life’s Diversity Compact, and creates a more inclusive environment for all students, so they can thrive as students and artists while living at MECA&D.

Is All Gender Housing available for First-Year Students?

Yes. Please select what gender(s) you feel most comfortable living with on the Academic Year Housing Application. Students are placed with students of the same gender unless requested otherwise.

What on campus residence halls are considered “All Gender”?

All of our on campus residence hall spaces–Oak, Shepley, Monument, and S&F–are a part of our All Gender Housing.

Will my parents be notified if I am in All Gender Housing?

If you are under 17, a parent must provide an electronic signature on your Academic Year Housing Application. We do encourage all students to communicate with their parents or guardians about their housing situation.

For more information on gender inclusive housing in higher education, please visit this site.