If your need is urgent, please do one of the following:

If your emergency merits calling 911, always call 911 first, then call the appropriate MECA emergency phone. All 3 emergency MECA phones are carried by a MECA staff member 24/7. If you do not reach some one on the first call, leave your name, number, location and short description of the emergency. A staff member will call you back as soon as possible. The College recommends saving all 3 numbers in your cell phone for emergencies. Email contacts are for non emergency concerns only.

  • Call 911
  • Call 207.774.HELP (207.774.4357) for 24-hour crisis support
  • Visit your local emergency department. The two closest to MECA are:
    • Mercy Hospital, 144 State Street, at the corner of State and Spring Streets, 207.879.3265
    • Maine Medical Center Emergency Department, 62 Bramhall Street, 207.662.0111
  • MECA Facilities: 207-671-5607
    • For facilities emergencies, please call 207-671-5607. Emergencies include incidents such as loss of heat in the winter, major leaks, or power failure. This phone will reach a member of the Facilities staff.
    • For non emergency issues, please email facilities@meca.edu. Non-emergency issue include problems such as minor leaks, small spills or minor damages.
  • MECA Security: 207-415-8446
    • For security related concerns in the Porteous Building or 380 Cumberland, please call 207.415.8446. Emergency concerns examples are  incidents such as a suspicious person in the building, or a non-MECA community member trying to gain entry to a MECA building. This phone will reach the Security Officer at the front desk of the Porteous building; will be on call.
    • For non-emergency concerns, please email security@meca.edu.  Non-emergency concerns include suggestions for improving security or past concerns that are not an active threat.
  • MECA Student Life (Red Phone): 207-228-3474
    • For emergencies in the Residence Halls, or if you are unsure of which number to call, please call 207-228-3474. Emergency concerns include situations such as a student mental health crisis, Residence Hall lock outs, or suspicious persons in the Residence Halls. This phone will reach a member of the Student Life Staff.
    • For non-emergency student or Residence Hall concerns, please email studentlife@meca.edu.  Non-emergency concerns include roommate conflicts and questions about campus resources.

Accidents, Crime, Suspicious Behavior

Please report accidents, criminal or suspicious behavior as soon as possible to one of the following:

  • Police or Emergency Services: 911
  • Portland Police Non-Emergency Services: 207.874.8575
  • MECA Student Life Emergency Phone: 207.228.3474

Please fill out a Universal Incident Report Form for accidents, crime, or suspicious behavior in or around a campus building.

MECA Alert

To report a non-emergency concern (attendance issues, failing grades, time management issues, lack of study skills, lack of direction/motivation, financial difficulty, drug abuse, or other personal problems) about a student, please fill out a MECA Alert. This information helps us provide support and early intervention to a student who is experiencing difficulties.

Injured or sick?

Here is a list of hospitals and urgent care near campus. If you need a taxi voucher to get to the hospital or urgent care, go to the Student Life Office or call 207.228.3474 for assistance.

Hotlines, Emergencies, and Help

Sexual Misconduct

View the Sexual Misconduct, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Services, Policies, and Procedures here.

More Resources

View our full list of Resources here.