If you are in a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Once you have called 911, please call the MECA&D main phone line at 207.775.3052 and your information will be shared with the appropriate staff member.

If this is a Facilities emergency (such as a flood, significant water leak, fire, building collapse, explosion, chemical spill, gas leak, broken lock to residence hall room, loss of heat in building, elevator entrapment, etc.), call the MECA&D main phone line at 207.775.3052. Your information will be shared with a Facilities on-call staff member who will get back to you quickly.  

If this is a Security emergency in Porteous or Cumberland 380, please call the MECA&D main phone line at 207.775.3052.  Your information will be shared with the Security officer who will respond quickly. You may also wish to call 911.

Accidents, Crime, Suspicious Behavior

Please report accidents, criminal or suspicious behavior as soon as possible to one of the following:

  • Police or Emergency Services: 911

Please fill out an Incident Report Form for accidents, crime, or suspicious behavior in or around a campus building.

Food Insecure?

Are you experiencing food insecurity, please email foodinsecurity@meca.edu to discuss options privately.  MECA&D feels strongly that no one should go hungry.

MECA&D Alert

To report a non-emergency concern about a student, please fill out a MECA&D Alert. This information helps us provide support and early intervention to a student who is experiencing difficulties.  Faculty, staff, students, friends, and family members are all welcome to submit an alert.

Injured or sick?

Here is a list of hospitals and urgent care near campus. If you need a taxi voucher to get to the hospital or urgent care, go to the Porteous Building front desk for assistance; you will need your MECA&D ID card.

Hotlines, Emergencies, and Help

Sexual Misconduct

View the Sexual Misconduct, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Services, Policies, and Procedures here.