Tim Greenway, Salt ’03, captures Portland’s transformation

Commercial, editorial and fine art photographer Tim Greenway, Salt ’03 has a unique ability to study the landscape and details of the micro-ecology through his rich abstraction of color, texture and patterns. Throughout his career, Greenway has focused on a range of documentary themes from homelessness and drug addiction to professional sports, local entrepreneurs, and architecture photography.

In his latest undertaking, Greenway documented the oil tanks of South Portland and the vertical growth of Portland with a photographic series spanning two years. From images taken of the apartment buildings at 40 Free Street from the vantage point of the parking garage to An Erector Set to the Heavens (above), Greenway illustrates a city changing with time and progress. Titled Refined Resurgence, this project will be available for view at Cove Street Arts between October 12 and December 11. The gallery will host an opening for the show on October 14.

Tim Greenway moved to Portland to attend the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in 2003. Since 2016, he has served as an assistant adjunct professor teaching digital photography at the University of New England. Greenway is also the primary photographer for the local media outlet Mainebiz.

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