Margaret Lawrence ’93

Margaret Lawrence ’93 is a painter represented by Greenhut Galleries in Portland, Maine. A former MECA&D Trustee, she is co-founder of Yarmouth Arts. Her son Sam began working with glass over 10 years ago, inspired by a glass-blowing demonstration he saw in Venice, Italy. He entered art school to pursue that dream but unfortunately sustained a traumatic brain injury in a skateboarding accident in his sophomore year that resulted in a six-week coma and an extensive rehabilitation process. Through strong determination, he continues to make beautiful beads, pendants, plates, paperweights and other projects today.

PechaKucha Portland: "My Ten Year Walk with Sam" by Margaret Lawrence ’93 from PK #33 "All Eyes on MECA&D". A mother and son story of life and art after an accident.

Featured image is by Patrick Scholz '15.