Erin Hutton '98

Erin combines project management with creative problem solving, which she uses to engage audiences.

SWARM Installation from Maine College of Art & Design on Vimeo.

SWARM is a permanent two-story typewriter installation within The Press Hotel located in Portland, Maine. SWARM was designed by artist Erin Hutton in collaboration with Artists at Work at Maine College of Art & Design. SWARM features 62 vintage typewriters acquired from Tom Furrier of Cambridge Typewriters in Arlington, MA. Spanning the era of the late 1800’s to 1960’s, the typewriters are mounted in a circular swarm pattern.  Dark colored machines are condensed toward the center and lighter, more colorful ones appear to move and spread across the wall. The swarm protrudes out into the space as it grows in size, using steel-and-wood mounts that angle the typewriters out toward the viewer. The exhibit reflects the chaos of a newsroom in homage to the history of one of Portland's premier boutique hotels and gives the viewer the space to create their own story through utilization of a simple form and repetitive pattern.

Erin Hutton '98 - Artist & Project Management
John Nelson '12 - Steel Fabrication
Nikki Farrand '11 - Wood Fabrication
Sabrina Volante '14 - Design Assistant
Matthew Doucette - Assistant

Erin Hutton, who graduated from MECA&D with a BFA in Sculpture, is currently Director of Exhibitions and Special Projects at Maine College of Art & Design (MECA&D). As an artist and educator, she combines project management with creative problem solving, which she uses to engage audiences in exhibitions and events. Erin leads various teams of professionals, students, educators and volunteers to execute innovative programing, events and exhibitions -- such as MECA&D's COLLECT Art Sale, Fashion Show, Holiday Sale, and more.

Previously, Erin was the Associate Director of Artists at Work, where she supported students integrating their talents beyond the classroom and into the real world. She has also worked at Diversified Business Communications, Angela Adams and Hauptman and Partners. Erin received her BFA from Maine College of Art & Design and is the co-owner of Studio 24b, a design and fabrication studio in Portland, Maine established in 2005 where her and her partner, Matt Hutton create custom woodworking, art and furniture for exhibition and sale.