Chloe Beaven '15

At MECA, Chloe utilized her public engagement minor to leverage leadership positions on campus.

Chloe transferred to MECA&D for the Public Engagement minor after studying Anthropology and Visual Arts at the University of British Columbia. During her time at MECA&D she has utilized her public engagement minor to leverage leadership positions on campus, in the community, and around the globe. She partnered with Waynflete School and Seeds of Peace on her capstone project, which focused on issues of race, dialogue and civic responsibility. Her projects included implementing the Big Think Series, monthly conversations hosted by an artist or academic within the field of socially engaged art or social justice; revitalizing the MECA&D C.A.R.E diversity group; leading workshops with the Seeds of Peace students; and launching an exhibit focusing on issues of race. Her capstone culminated in a public dialogue and slam poetry event and workshop led by visiting scholar Don Sawyer that took place at MECA&D.


+ Field organizer for marriage equality initiative
+ Secretary of MECA&D H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People to Equality - LGBTQIA Group)
+ Founding member and co-president of MECA&D C.A.R.E. (Celebrating All Realms of Ethnicity)
+ Merit Exhibition Award Recipient
+ Curator of Nothing Major Exhibition
+ Maine Campus Compact Award

+ Internship with nonprofit Catalyst for Peace
+ Traveled to Sierra Leone
+ Co-President of MECA&D H.O.P.E.
+  Co-President of MECA&D C.A.R.E.
+ Professional Development and Entrepreneurship Grant
+ Merit Exhibition Award Winner
+ Summer coordinator for Continuing Studies summer programs
+ Student assistant for Artists at Work


+ Working for nonprofit Catalyst for Peace
+ Public Engagement Fellow, partnering with Seeds of Peace and MECA&D
+ Capstone project, Partnering to the student group Racial Awareness at Wayneflete (RAaW)
+ Student assistant for Artists at Work