Curator & Second-Year Printmaking major Sophie Craven to speak at the Portland Public Library this Saturday about recent show "Inside Vision: An Outside Exhibition of Inside Art"

We are very pleased to co-present a talk with Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (MPAC) about Inside Vision: An Outside Exhibition of Inside Art featuring curators Olivia Hochstadt and Sophie Craven. Please join us from 1-3pm on Saturday, October 22 for an informal discussion at the gallery about the show, work, classes, and other contexts through which the art is made as individuals and groups arrive.

Inside Vision features visual artwork and poetry by artists currently incarcerated in Maine’s prisons. Work from all six of Maine’s correctional facilities is accompanied with written statements by the artists, elevating the voices of those frequently unheard. The exhibition asks us to interrogate who we put in prison, why we incarcerate people, and how incarcerated people envision a future of freedom. The creativity of the artists sparks positivity amidst the hardest of situations and allows us to see humanity in all.

C.K., Bird on a Wire, acrylic on canvas, 2021.

Craven, a second-year BFA student at Maine College of Art & Design who is studying Printmaking and Public Engagement, co-curated the exhibition as part of an internship with MPAC. Hochstadt is a curator and art preparator in Portland, Maine, teaches art history in Maine’s prisons, and works for the Justice Arts Coalition.

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