Savanna Pettengill '14

This visual memoir, told through various written, spoken and photographic mediums in book and exhibition form, conveys the multi-layered journey of a 21st century woman’s search for grounded answers in a reality found amid the fog of a dreamlike emotional landscape.

Savanna Pettengill '14 is searching for answers in the space between reality and memories

Captivating and beautiful, Returns by Savanna Pettengill '14—currently on view in our Charles C. Thomas Gallery on the second floor of MECA&D—is a story of discovery, personal histories, and grief.

Through a series of images shot in Maine, Pettengill explores her family secrets as if they are taking place here and now, pulling them out of the context they occurred to reevaluate them in her current reality. She traces the emotions and trauma attached to these secrets, searching for how they have manifested themselves into her identity through biology and the women who raised her.

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