Sarah Pedry Obuchowski MFA ’11

Illustration from How Birds Sleep illustrated by Sarah Pedry Obuchowski MFA ’11 in charcoal and ink.

“Have you ever seen a bird sleep? Or wondered just when it is that migrating cranes find the time to catch Z’s as they cross the ocean? From the parrots of Thailand to the ostriches of Australia and even the pigeons of New York City, every bird sleeps—but they do it in ways that will surprise and delight you.”

So starts the publisher’s description of How Birds Sleep, a soon-to-be-released children’s book illustrated by alumnus Sarah Pedry Obuchowski MFA ’11 written by her husband that will be released this March.

“This non-fiction bedtime book about the various, intriguing ways that birds sleep is a project conceived of by myself and my husband (writer and musician), David Obuchowski. We carefully researched how birds from around the world sleep, looking for interesting places as well as fascinating behaviors and adaptations. The resulting story takes a nighttime journey around the world, giving a glimpse at sleeping birds that most of us will never see in person.”