Anna Valenti MFA ’20

MECA&D is thrilled to announce that MFA candidate Anna Valenti ’20 is the recipient of the 2020 NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship Grant. The fellowship is awarded to a graduate student to foster knowledge within the ceramic arts through intellectual inquiry and creative research.

Alongside the grant, Anna Valenti was accepted into the national juried exhibition Paper & Clay. The two pieces of Anna’s accepted, a terracotta lobster trap and terracotta window screen, will be on view from February 3–March 4, 2020, in the Twain Tippetts & Eccles Galleries at the USU Caine College of Arts in Logan, Utah. Announced on February 23, Anna's work Lobster Trap won first place in the Paper & Clay exhibition.

“The NCECA Fellowship Grant will further my research in hemp clay bodies and crafting breezeblock screens. My research will involve using diverse compositions of hemp fibers, mixing them at varied ratios with terracotta, and then building breezeblocks to test the structural integrity of each varied hemp clay body. My findings will evolve into a hemp terracotta breezeblock screen that free stands at 6’x1’x5’.”

Anna Valenti MFA 20

Images clock-wise, starting from top left:
- Lobster Trap, terracotta, glaze, 2019, 13"x8"x5"
- Sweetness of Doing Nothing, terracotta, porcelain, glaze, terra sigillata, fabric from my mother's childhood friend, 2019, 10’x4’x20'
- Studio of Anna Valenti
- Anchored by a Breath, porcelain, terracotta, 2018, 35.5" x 12" x 7”

Banner image: Beneath the Lath House, Porcelain stoneware, red and black iron oxide, soda ash, silk 2018

Instagram: @annamarievalenti