Illustration senior Natalie Brown completes the Holiday Window installation at Porteous

Congratulations to Natalie Brown, a senior in our Illustration major, on being chosen to install this year’s Maine College of Art & Design Holiday Window!

The artist, who describes herself as being “devoted to nostalgic, strange and whimsical, and emotionally inquisitive imagery with a vintage flavor,” crafted a warming bonfire scene created with mixed media. The final exhibit is titled Holiday Hearth (Guy-Fieri-Tale).

"Natalie's window proposal stood out to me because it was so well planned and presented,” remarked Jenny McGee Dougherty '05, Associate Director of Artists at Work & Alumni Relations. “Natalie has an impressive professionalism about her and seeing her work in the BFA exhibition solidified my choice, because I could see the level of care, craftsmanship and consideration she puts into her work. I love the playful nature of this piece, with a title that will make passersby do a double take!"

“My work is recognized for a ‘dark theatricality and energetic drama’, as well as my use of traditional methods for the creation of contemporary art using mainly watercolor and gouache,” Brown shares in the bio on her website.

You have the opportunity to see Brown’s latest installation in the front window of 522 Congress Street, Portland, ME now through January 2023. We hope you come by to check it out!

Follow Natalie on Instagram: @nataliaartista

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