Paul Guilmoth ’15

The week before Trula died, she began spending entire days reclined in her field. Her body would be so still we’d come up closer to be sure she hadn’t left us. A slight movement of her head chasing a loose swallow, or a finger grazing a plucked blade of grass was enough. Tuesday night she had come into the kitchen after a particularly long 12 hours in her field. Her hair disheveled like a bird nest. She looked at a rhubarb stalk on the table and said to us “all this time I’ve never seen the flowers growing, but they’re taller every morning.

The monograph At Night Gardens Grow (published by Stanley/Barker) sets night as a stage for folkloric stories created by the eerie landscape Paul Guilmoth ’15 calls home and the interior worlds carried with us all. Concentrating on one field, in particular, Guilmoth’s collection of black and white images depict ghostly figures and glowing foliage, spiderwebs, and moths coming to life at night.

Guilmoth ’15 has a BFA in Photography from the College and has since gone on to receive international recognition, such as the BOOOOOOOM Photographer Spotlight, Aperture Foundation Portfolio Prize, a Mass Cultural Council Fellowship, Paris-Aperture Photobook Award Shortlist 2021, Lucie Photobook Prize Finalist 2021. In addition to creating award-winning photo books with Dylan Haustor ’16, Guilmoth has also been written about in JuxtapozI-D, and The Guardian.

Today, Guilmoth resides between the UK and New England where they continue to create and share captivating work.

At Night Gardens Grow