Mike Eckel, Salt ’96

...[A]ll wars are ultimately about human beings...

Earlier this week, MECA&D checked in with alumnus Mike Eckel, Salt ’96 to offer him support from our community as he covers the invasion from Ukraine. We asked Mike if there was anything he wanted to make sure people here know about his work in the field. This is what he shared.

Maybe just to recall that all wars are ultimately about human beings, and that a proper reporter / journalist / writer / documentarian / storyteller should always do one's utmost to seek out the human beings who (usually) end up suffering, but also (often) end up committing acts of valor and bravery and sacrifice—and find ways to listen to their stories, to try understand their lives, to bear witness to their struggles, and to tell all that as accurately as possibly to wider world. 

A few hours later, Mike responded again.

A small copy edit to say: "... the human beings who (ALWAYS) end up suffering..."

With a single word, Mike underscores the true weight of war and its inevitable toll. A solemn, yet important, reminder.

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