Low residency MFA candidate Mattie Hinkley

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the winter issue of American Craft yet, be sure not to miss the beautiful story written about MFA candidate and rising star Mattie Hinkley.

In the piece, “Domestic Bliss,” author Laine Bergenson Becco visits Hinkley in their Chico, California studio where they are currently pursuing their low residency MFA from our College. The pair explores Hinkley’s desire to create balance with objects that have both practical and visual appeal.

“Making interesting, sculptural everyday art objects, that’s where I get my energy from,” Hinkley shared with the outlet.

One of the objects featured in the article is Hinkley’s 2020 Wedge rag rug, made with muslin scrap and MDF that could be used for domestic activities that range from lounging to sex. Hinkley notes their belief that acts like sex should be acknowledged in domestic life in just the same way as cooking, cleaning, or eating, and domestic objects should reflect that role.

Hinkley is a true interdisciplinary artist, trained in illustration, residential construction, and fine furniture making. For their MFA thesis, they are focusing on how benches are made to bring people together.

“[In gallery spaces] we don’t recognize the bench because we’re sitting on it, but it’s as valuable as the paintings we’re looking at,” Hinkley proposes.

We look forward to seeing, and sitting on, their work at the ICA soon.

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