Painting Department Chair Prof. Honour Mack exhibits "Buoyant Structures" at Cove Street Arts in Portland

On view until October 8, 2022

Abstract painter and Chair of Painting Prof. Honour Mack places imagery outside of a didactic framework and finds “inspiration in questions that address the confluence of belief systems, the role of spirituality in art, and the possibility of creating a transcendent object.”

On view now at Cove Street Arts, Mack presents Buoyant Structures, an exhibition inspired by French philosopher and author of The Poetics of Space Gaston Bachelard who reflected on,  “... a room that grew buoyant and, little by little, expanded into vast stretches of travel...”

In the artist statement for the works, Mack explains, “When I layer material and color, the process results in images that lay somewhere between references to the body, buildings and landscape… I have been thinking a lot about intersections, accumulation and layers, and how our bodies similarly intersect with the world: biologically, physically and emotionally.” The breathtaking collection on view illustrates that creative exploration.

Mack holds a bachelor’s degree from Skidmore College and an MFA from Yale University School of Art. She resides, teaches, and maintains a studio practice in Portland. In addition to this current exhibition, Mack’s work has appeared at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Colby College Museum of Art, the 511 Gallery in Oregon, and ICON Contemporary Art, among other places.

The works will remain on view until October 8, 2022. Don’t miss your chance to experience Buoyant Structures for yourself.

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