Peter Dore ’17

The craft field affords technique and knowledge of craft, while the fine art aspect offers freedom.

Peter Dore grew up in Westbrook, Maine.  A stint at a college in Syracuse didn’t feel right and he began travelling back and forth between Lake Tahoe, where he helped operate snow‐making equipment in the winter, and Maine, in the summer.  While he was studying architecture at a community college, one of his instructors recommended he pursue a career in art at MECA&D. After taking a woodworking class with Adam Manley, his interest in pursuing an artistic career was sparked.

Currently a senior at MECA&D, Peter plans to pursue the craft field, through building his own brand, as well as creating fine art.  “The craft field affords one technique and knowledge of craft,” he says, “While the fine art aspect offers one freedom and self‐expression.”  He says the MECA&D environment has taught him to thrive under pressure.

Peter recently worked as a studio assistant for wood fabricator (and MECA&D Associate Professor) Matt Hutton and for artist Charlie Hewitt.  He says working for such talented and well established artists has been invaluable.  He also completed an eight‐week apprenticeship for Sabre Yachts in Maine.

In 2015, Peter was one of four Woodworking & Furniture Design juniors invited by Matt Hutton to work on The Folly, a public art project that activated a street scape with design and performing arts programming.  A collaboration between The Press Hotel, MECA&D and the City of Portland, Peter says this “opportunity to work with a private business, an educational institution and a public municipality was a valuable way to approach art‐making through community building.”