Rebekka Federle '14

The job fit me like a glove. I felt completely appreciated as an employee, and respected as a person.

This past summer, MECA&D Woodworking & Furniture Design student Rebekka Federle was able to expand both her world view and her business skills through an internship with Discover Prints in Berlin, Germany. The company of four employees specializes in the acquisition and sale of antique prints.

Over the course of the internship, Rebekka learned to date and identify the printing methods of rare vintage prints, research them, make repairs, and sell the prints both online and in person at the local market. Additionally, she learned much about the workings of a small business, and learned Photoshop from the company’s graphic designer.

Rebekka described her time in Berlin as “life changing,” adding that “the job fit me like a glove. I felt completely appreciated as an employee, and respected as a person.” Throughout her internship, she always had something new to learn and try out, and worked hard while genuinely enjoying what she was doing. By the end of the summer, she had learned much about herself, and came to admire her boss, the “jack-of-all-trades” Uwe Berger. “I made some lifelong friends and important connections,” she states. Additionally, she relished the experience of being in a new country, visiting Berlin’s various museums, parks, and bookstores while learning to travel around the city on her own.

Uwe was similarly enthusiastic about Rebekka’s time at Discover Prints. “Rebekka helped to make a blog for the company, and worked hard at writing copy and researching the vintage school charts and prints that we sell,” he recalls, adding that she was efficient with both daily tasks and complex projects. He also states that she helped him to consider the needs of American customers versus German ones, and that she gave him several good ideas for future projects. Rebekka notes that he declared her “Employee of the Year” after her second week at the internship.

Now back in America, Rebekka continues to work with Discover Prints remotely, and has been invited back to work for the company as soon as she graduates.