Iva Milovanovic '16

Congratulations to all of the participants in the 2015 BFA Exhibition.

Best in Show: Iva Milovanovic '16, Ceramics

2nd Place: David Martinez '16, Metalsmithing & Jewelry
3rd Place (tie): Betsy Lewis '16, Metalsmithing & Jewelry
3rd Place (tie): Marty Renolds '17, Painting

Best Work by a Senior: Gillan Doty '16, Ceramics

Best Work by a Junior: Emmett Freeman '17, Ceramics

Best Work by a Sophomore: Brendan Shea '18
Best Work by a Freshman: Lilli Grace Everson '19

MECA&D Award: Lewis Rossignol '17, Illustration

Honorable Mentions (5):
Jaimi Gaiti '16, Sculpture, Elana Sternick '16, Woodworking & Furniture Design, Tabitha Barnard '16, Photography, Mary Forst '16, Metalsmithing & Jewelry, Alexandra Kuehne '17, Painting