“The foundation of a learning environment must be structure and organization in order to provide for a concise dialogue and a student’s comprehension. As an instructor of art, the best method of presenting material and skill sets are through carefully planned demonstrations accompanied with extensive explanation. Artistic technique must be followed by a history and progression of that knowledge in order to develop a respect and personal connection for what the student is learning. The most important research methodology I can impart to students is that knowledge does not exist without a past, present, and future, that while techniques of art may seem static, their applications are surely anything but.”

Kyle Patnaude is a sculptor based in the rich tradition of metalsmithing through which he combines contemporary sculptural forms with the skill and elegance of precious metalworking. His work explores the political and humanistic qualities of an ever present "queerness" through coded objects of the mundane. He earned his BFA in sculpture from Pratt Institute and his MFA from the University of Wisconsin Madison.


  • Work included in group exhibition at Milwaukee Institute
  • Second Prize for work exhibited at Brooklyn Metal Works
  • Solo exhibit at Art Lofts Gallery in Wisconsin

Kyle's Website