“I believe all students are capable of learning and it is my responsibility to assess each student's readiness for learning. To accommodate different learning styles, I utilize various methods to accommodate audio, visual, and kinesthetic learners. It’s of vital importance to offer students the opportunity to address their individual needs and expectations within the context of the classroom and I facilitate and encourage good communication among class participants. I'm always prepared to provide individual instruction when and if needed. It is critical to support a student’s potential by giving positive feedback for work well done in addition to detailed, constructive criticism that emphasizes strengths and encourages further exploration. I facilitate group interaction by modeling effective methods of feedback and I strive to provide a challenging, supportive environment in which students feel comfortable testing their ideas and their work.”

Kate Kaminski is a filmmaker with a Master’s in film production from Boston University. Her work has been screened all over the world. Since the mid‐1990s, she and partner Betsy Carson have independently produced more than 25 films, including four features and numerous short fiction and nonfiction films. Gitgo Productions’ 53‐episode improvised comedy, Willard Beach (2009), was the first web series produced in Maine. In 2011, she founded the Bluestocking Film Series, a curated screening event that showcases films featuring complex women characters in leading roles. Bluestocking is Maine’s only women in film event and the only one in the world to require that all films feature a female protagonist and pass the “Bechdel test,” based on Alison Bechdel’s comic strip in which a female character will only go to a movie if it has two women in it who talk to each other about something besides a man. It is also the first film event in the U.S. to receive Sweden’s A‐Rating (indicating Bechdel Test compliance).


  • 2015 Quimby Family Foundation grant recipient
  • Bluestocking Film Series featured in The Washington Post’s Summer Preview
  • Bluestocking Film Series, Editors’ Choice for Best of Maine On Stage and Screen by Down East Magazine.


Kate is a passionate film lover, hobbyist gardener, Instagrammer, and social media addict.

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