Jacqui Luca headshot

Jacqui Luca

Adjunct Professor

Dept. : Sculpture

Artist Jacqualyn Luca utilizes the medium of video projection in order to construct new feminist environments. Sculpture and the bodies perception of space is a continuous thread that informs Luca’s artistic practice. Luca views her video projections as 3-dimensional forms that she manipulates to construct humorous, dreamy, and playful video installations. These spaces then question the roles of the performance within sexuality, appearance, and representation of gender. Luca visually stitches together pre-existing interior and exterior domestic environments to create absurd spaces that celebrate weirdness and acceptance of oneself.

In 2016 Luca received her BFA in Sculpture from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and graduated with her MFA from Maine College of Art in 2018. Luca has recently shown her work in Space Galleries Bring.Your.Own.Beamer New Media Show and has exhibited work at the New Bedford Art Museum.

As a teacher, Luca is an committed to grounding her students in a supportive community in which they feel comfortable to explore their artwork both in and outside of the classroom. By providing encouragement and a structured environment, Luca guides her students to excel in executing, understanding and communicating their theoretical and structural explorations.