“I'm still working on it. Really. Every class and every student presents a new challenge and unique opportunity. I try to get everyone interested in the potentials of what they're engaged in during a project, whether it be color, form, motion, what it means or how it affects people. In intro‐level work, I seek to present technologies, processes, and workflows in easy steps so that learning is about conceiving and making rather than struggling with hardware and software. In upper level courses I require students to design their own projects so that learning becomes a self‐sustaining resource.”

George Larou ’88 has been a full‐time educator for over 25 years. During that time he has maintained a media design studio, and has produced work for large and small clients locally, nationally, and internationally. He has designed and built websites, interactive media, and games. Some of his work has been serious, corporate, in service to the brand, and highly functional. Most of his work has been odd, challenging, playful, silly, or weird, and falls into the catch‐all of "experimental media." George earned a BA in Communication from the University of Southern Maine, a BFA in Photography and Graphic Design from MECA&D, and his MFA from California Institute of the Arts. He is the inventor of the game Phytomite, published by Google Play, which can be purchased for Android devices.


● Work included in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art permanent archive

● Four‐time awardee of Macromedia Media Site of the Day

● Web clients include Walker Art Center, Colors Magazine, Timberland, MTV online, World Wrestling Entertainment, and Maine Museum of Photographic Arts

● Pro bono work for Rippleffect and Camp Susan Curtis


George likes software, casual games, the Internet, fine art, high design, film, animation, books, surfing in Nor'easters, hybrid media, really long walks, early morning, family, MECA&D, and fruit pies.