Gary Ambrose headshot

Gary Ambrose

Professor Emeritus

Dept. : Sculpture

“I have always believed that the creative studio process and the act of teaching are identical. They both depend on similar qualities: patience, careful listening, hard work, and the willingness to take risks. Both the creative process and teaching involve the belief that it is necessary to produce miracles on demand. The form these take, in both disciplines, should always be a surprise and filled with original and new ways to see the world.”

Gary Ambrose has been an integral part of MECA’s evolution for over 30 years, having earned emeritus status in 2011. He cites early educational experiences with creativity as well as study in a discipline that provided an opportunity to create an understanding of the world around him as strong forces that shaped his career. Early explorations in writing led to a psychology degree from the University of New Hampshire, followed by a BFA in Sculpture. It was near the end of his psychology degree that he began, on a lark, to explore furniture design. There he found a more direct way to understand the world through physical creative process, which evolved into sculpture and a love of teaching.


● Participated in the International Sculpture Center juried group exhibition in New Jersey

● Past Artist‐in‐Residence, Carina House, Monhegan Island

● Work exhibited at the Farnsworth Museum in Maine

● Participant in the Southern Humanities Council 56th Annual Conference, Georgia


Gary spends much time working in his studio and in his orchard of 27 ancient variety apple trees in Denmark, Maine. He also loves to cut, split, and stack firewood for his family’s old farmhouse and its original Sunbeam wood furnace. He proudly prepares for “Applefest”  each year, an annual October gathering of friends, alumnae and family to hand press cider.

Watch the 2015 Applefest Invite.