Fern Tavalin headshot

Fern Tavalin

Professor, Program Chair

Dept. : MAT

“I look and listen carefully to figure out what students are trying to do and then use any tools, techniques, and intuition available to help them reach their goals in a way that promotes personal growth and benefits the community.”

Fern Tavalin is a creative educator whose work is nationally known for its technological innovation in using multimedia and telecommunication to improve student learning in the arts and humanities. She has spoken widely on topics including arts assessment, technology innovation, project‐based learning, primary source investigation, and the development of digital portfolios. From 1995‐2005, she originated and led The WEB Project, an award‐winning initiative that created collaborative online processes for critiques of student work. Her photographs have been included in many juried shows, and in May 2014, Champlain College awarded her  an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts for her contributions to the field of education. Her other degrees include an Ed.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont.


● Doctor of Fine Arts, honoris causa, Champlain College graduation speaker, May 2014

● First place award at the 2015 Selby Gardens Photographic Exhibition

● Work featured in The Franklin and Marshall Alumni Arts Review


While playing on the cutting edge of educational technology and telecommunications, she and her husband lived on the top of Putney Mountain in Vermont, heating and cooking with the wood from their property. They built their home themselves over the course of 15 years, beginning with an old‐fashioned house raising and the help of many friends.