“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe —John Muir”

Deb comes to MECA&D with a background in teaching and in environmental and ocean sciences. After struggling with whether to become a scientist, engineer, or teacher, she realized she could combine them all. She has enjoyed sharing her passion for the interconnectedness of nature and what humans can do to better our relationship with the ocean and nature ever since. As a board member of the Gulf of Maine Marine Education Association, Deb enjoys networking with other marine education professionals throughout the Gulf of Maine region and with the national chapter. She also finds inspiration as a member of the Maine Environmental Educators Association and through her regular volunteering with Friends of Casco Bay.


Deb's interests include backcountry skiing, backyard composting, raising her children, playing with dogs, reading poetry, hiking, biking, and picking up her grandpa's fiddle after 10 years to learn to play folk and bluegrass music. She is a sailing enthusiast and has sailed across the Atlantic on a 36-foot sailboat and worked on schooners. "Any day on the water is a good day," she says.