“The brain research and best practices have led teaching to a new plateau of effectiveness. Utilizing classroom collaboration, student ownership of the learning, assessment for learning, thinking beyond the desktop, and connecting to the world through technology are the driving features of my teaching. However, the most dynamic characteristic of my educational philosophy is to be and model the lifetime learner. As educators, we need to prepare all students for an unknown, dynamic and challenging future. Utilizing the research and technology, caring about the student, collaborating amongst ourselves, and being eager to learn are the true characteristics that will create a dynamic and inclusive classroom, allowing all students access to knowledge and success.”

Bob Jenkins has taught at MECA&D for 27 years. He earned his BS in Math and his MS in Education from the University of Southern Maine. For years he was a middle and high school teacher of math, physics, and biology. He co‐developed and co‐ taught a four‐course graduate level series in educational math leadership at the University of Maine at Farmington, where he is also an adjunct faculty member. He also works as an independent consultant on curriculum, instruction and assessment.


● Past finalist for Maine Math Teacher award

● Portland Public Schools Superintendent Award recipient

● Charter member and two‐term president of the Maine Curriculum Leaders Association

● Author of three math instruction books.


Bob enjoys playing and watching baseball and softball, as well as studying the statistics and probabilities inherent in these sports. He also enjoys bicycle riding, model trains, brain research, and working in his yard.