“It can seem like the ‘big discussions’ in our society are carried out by politicians, pundits, and public figures, but art provides a way for us to have those discussions, on a larger‐than‐life scale, with an amplified voice, and in a more nuanced and aesthetic way. The emerging DIY / maker culture is also incredibly exciting, and I believe my role as an art educator is important to it. Empowering people to be less dependent on corporate consumer goods and contrivances is crucial to creating a more just society. Instilling these values is something I deem very important. There is no better way to learn to become a creative problem solver than with an art education, as you are first taught to see and locate disharmony, and then to examine your options to rectify it. This type of training works when creating a work of visual art, but also when designing spaces, running a business, and creating working interpersonal relationships. Helping to build this acuity in others is greatly significant, and a lot of fun.”

Ben Asselin ’08 is a sculptor and illustrator who has worked for youth electronics designer and toy inventor Bill Goodman, for whom he created prototypes and did proof‐of‐concept work. Ben also ran a concept art company called Out For Justice, devoted to writing and developing original concepts for TV animation. Out for Justice also worked with clients to provide character design, animation, storyboards, character maquettes, scripts, web, brochures, and package design.  Ben earned his BFA in Sculpture from MECA and currently teaches Moldmaking and 3D Design.


● Artist‐to‐Artist Award, 2007 BFA Exhibit, MECA

● 2007 Woelfle Scholarship recipient, MECA Sculpture Department

● 2006 Edward and Carol Friedman Merit Scholarship recipient Extracurricular

Ben Asselin is a vegan and animal rights advocate. He believes you can’t love non‐human animals and also consume them. He also thinks that the mental distancing that keeps us from acknowledging the object on our plate as an individual is the same type of mental distancing that keeps our war machine running. His favorite movie is The Thing, he describes himself as “an overzealous nerd,” and he has a pretty extensive collection of action figures.