“I immensely enjoy sharing my love of the material past with MECA students. It is a pleasure to learn from their unique perspective as artists and to help expand their horizons by considering how the social and natural sciences can help us to explore the entire range of human material and social culture.”

Arthur Anderson’s primary research focuses on how material culture reflects cultural change and cultural practice in prehistoric and Roman western Europe. In returning to New England after almost a decade spent studying and working in the United Kingdom, he has also taken an interest in early American mortuary art and investigating the organic components of the post‐glacial, Paleoindian toolkit from the stone remains. He has earned three degrees from Durham University: a BA, an MA, and a Ph.D.


Arthur has been a part of excavations and surveys in the United Kingdom, France, Syria, and the United States as a part of both research projects and archaeology conducted in advance of development and construction.