Chip Barchilon MFA '20

Adjunct Instructor

Dept. : Foundation

    Chip Barchilon (they/she) is a multimedia artist working in drawing, sculpture, writing, and ecological practices. Using models of community resilience from the natural world in mycological and mycorrhizal relationships, Barchilon’s work explores lineages of myths and fairy tales and their impact on trauma and repair in the contemporary era of communication. The studio practices that anchors this work includes research, observation of and co-creation with the natural world, and play in narrative and evocative modes of storytelling. 

    Barchilon graduated cum laude from Barnard College of Columbia University with a BA in Art History and a focus on contemporary narratives of war in animated film and graphic novels. After studio courses in printmaking and sculpture, they pursued their MFA from the Maine College of Art & Design and graduated in 2020. Barchilon has exhibited works on paper and sculpture on the east and west coasts and is currently writing a book of fairy tales.

    Their website can be viewed here.