2017 Program Schedule

Sunday, June 25
4–7pm: Orientation + Welcome Reception

Monday, June 26 to Thursday, June 29:
Breakfast: 8–8:30am
Morning workshops: 8:30am–12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm–2pm

Thursday, June 29
4–6pm: Feed Your Soul Happy Hour + Dinner
6–9pm: Open Studios

Friday, June 30
8am–12pm: Breakfast + Check-Out

Other events and opportunities being scheduled include (dates and times TBD):
+ a visit to the Portland Museum of Art
+ MFA Vistiting Artist Lecture
+ sunset boat cruise on Casco Bay
+ open figure drawing sessions
+ tours of SPACE Gallery and Able Baker Contemporary
+ Artist at Work and artist presentations
+ …and more!

2017 Workshops

  • ART EDUCATION: Visual Journaling for the Artist-Educator
    This course engages Artist-Educators on a journey that expands mind and thought and explores feeling and intuitive knowing. Investigating, creating and utilizing a variety of journaling techniques and creative processes, individuals will discover how visual journaling can be a holistic tool for personal expression and a reflective tool for student assessment and pedagogical awareness.
    ++ Faculty: Christopher Strickland
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, beginners to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: none
    ++ Materials Fee: $20
  • CERAMICS: Wheel Thrown Ceramics
    In this workshop we will focus on building our skills on the potter’s wheel. We will start off making even walled cylinders. Next we will turn our cylindrical forms into cups with handles. We will then move onto more complex forms such as pitchers and jars. A variety of lids and handles will be demonstrated. We will be using a cone 5/6 stoneware that can be fired in an electric kiln. There will be a bisque firing before the end of the workshop.
    ++ Faculty: Nathan Willever
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, beginners to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: none
    ++ Materials Fee: $20
  • DIGITAL MEDIA: Fab Lab Funsize Sampler
    This workshop will introduce participants to new and emerging technology and its applications to fine arts. Topics will include basic vector drawing, basic modeling and outputting designs to laser cutters, and CNC routers. Format will be a sampler with the intention is to provide a broader knowledge of these technologies, the types of materials used and their outcomes.
    ++ Faculty: Bennett Morris
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, but participants will be using digital technology so should feel comfortable with that.
    ++ Pre-requisites: Basic computer knowledge and skills.
    ++ Materials Fee: $20
  • DRAWING: Figure Drawing
    In this workshop students will engage in a rigorous study of the human form through formal drawing methods. Working from the model, the emphasis will be on developing and honing existing skills in rendering the human form from direct observation. Gesture and structural studies will be heavily emphasized. The goal of this workshop is for students to come away with a strong sense of how to observe and translate the figure in space as a whole and integrated form. Tonal studies will also be explored. Charcoal, graphite and ink will be used.
    ++ Faculty: Robert LaBranche
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, beginners to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: none
    ++ Materials Fee: $20
  • DRAWING/PAINTING: Drawing and Painting in the Urban Landscape
    In this course, participants will use a combination of favorite drawing and water-based painting materials to explore landscape composition in an urban environment. The area around MECA contains city squares, historical and modern buildings, and “secret” green parks. Focus can be expanded to include diverse imagery gathered in the context of urban exploration; image-gathering solutions can be varied. There are many opportunities for exploring artmaking/source-gathering outdoors using a variety of approaches. Work will be largely independent, with supportive critiques and occasional demonstrations. Maps and handouts provided. At the end of this course, participants will have a number of landscape and cityscape studies, nature studies, and a larger, more developed piece to add to a portfolio.
    ++ Faculty: Hilary Irons
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, beginners to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: Willingness to work outdoors and have independent work time as part of the course. Mobility concerns have been successfully dealt with in the past.
    ++ Materials Fee: $15
    Small metals casting is a process of making prototype pieces in wax, plastic, or organic materials into a cavity mold in which molten metal is poured. It is usually referred to as lost-wax casting because the casting mold is created using a model that is melted away to leave a hollow chamber in the middle of the mold. This workshop will allow participants to create small scale pieces such as rings, earrings, and pendants which we will cast in sterling silver or bronze.
    ++ Faculty: Kyle Patnaude
    ++ Experience Level: Beginner to moderate
    ++ Pre-requisites: none
    ++ Materials Fee: $40
  • PAINTING: Reverse Painting Inspired by Verre Eglomise
    Often seen in American and European antiques and furniture, reverse glass painting is a technique to create a painted narrative on the back side of glass. Verre Eglomise is a variation of this technique that involved gilding as well. This workshop plans to hack this historical technique and work with markers and acrylics on clear vinyl. Drawing and painting in reverse allows a wide range of technique and varied source material for imagery such as clip art, photography, as well as original compositions. Our workshop will explore different approaches as well as encourage your personal aesthetic.
    ++ Faculty: Greta Bank
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, beginners to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: none
    ++ Materials Fee: $20
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Black and White Film Photography
    This workshop will delve into the traditional use of B+W films and what film types work best under different conditions, as well as why you might choose one film type over another, the use of different film developers, and how to customize your film processing. The workshop will concentrate on the proper techniques used to produce full range fine art B+W prints, including but not limited to dodging and burning, and different methods of contrast controls. There will be discussions on the fine art of portraiture, as well as other relevant subjects. The participants can expect to develop a B+W portfolio by the end of the session that shows their personal explorations and visions.
    ++ Faculty: Thurston Howes
    ++ Experience Level: Advanced beginner to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: Some background in B+W film is preferred.
    ++ Materials Fee: $20
  • PRINTMAKING: Watercolor Monotype with Chine Colle
    In this workshop we will learn the basics of watercolor monotype and utilize the technique to make prints that have a layered quality. We will also learn about and employ chine colle in the final prints.
    ++ Faculty: Michel Droge
    ++ Experience Level: All levels welcome, beginners to advanced
    ++ Pre-requisites: none
    ++ Materials Fee: $30