Documentation & Materials Guidelines

Requirements for Thesis Submission:

  • 5-10 High Resolution Images
    • Image #1 is shown at Commencement
    • Label images as “LastNameFirstNameImage#.jpg”
    • Caption format: Image #, Full Name, Title, Year made, Materials, Dimensions.
    • Minimum of 5 images are needed, no more than 10
  • One Artist Statement (no more than 200 words)
  • One Artist Biography (no more than 100 words)
  • Your website link (if available)
  • It is highly recommended that you add a portrait image to, but it is not required.

Steps for Submitting Work to the 2017 Thesis Exhibition Website and MECA’s Internal Archive:

  1. Submit your written materials and images on this form of (MECA server archive)
  2. Upload your written materials and images onto (online thesis exhibition website)

The first step allows us to keep your work within our own archive at a high-resolution quality.

The second step has you create an account on our portfolio site, which will feed into a thesis website. This is an online catalog of all senior thesis work. The text and images submitted will live on as you move on in your professional career, so it’s critical that all text and imagery is of a professional quality.

Installation Deadlines

  • Friday, April 7, Midnight, Label Information due to Curatorial Team
  • Friday, April 28, Midnight, Artist Statement, Biographies, and Images due
  • Friday, April 28–Wednesday, May 3: Installation
  • Friday, May 5, First First Friday Artwalk, 5-8pm, Thesis Exhibition Open to the Public
  • Saturday, May 13, Thesis Site Launch

PhotoBooth Deadlines

If you need PhotoBooth to shoot your work, please keep in mind the deadlines below. You are allowed to shoot your own work, or hire someone else to shoot it.

Submission Deadlines

  • Step 1: Friday, April 28, Midnight: Artist statement, biographies, and images due. Submit here on for Archival.
  • Step 2: Friday, April 28, Midnight: Artist statement, biographies, and images due. Submit here on for Online Thesis Website.


  • Nikki Rayburn, Exhibitions Coordinator,,­ 207.699.5029
  • Erin Hutton, Director of Exhibitions and Special Projects,, ­207.699.5025
  • *Offices located in the ICA. If the door is closed, please knock. Upload Instructions & Troubleshooting

  1. Have your 5-10 Thesis images prepared for web (JPEG Resize in Photoshop), as well as your Thesis Statement and any accompanying captions.
  2. Either sign up for a account or log in. (sign up instructions).
  3. Follow the video guide above.
    1. Sign in to profile, choose “Add a Project” button.
    2. Enter Title of Project, chose from categories (must select Thesis 2017 from bottom right), enter image captions, as well as your thesis statement.
    3. Hit the “Publish” button. The page should think for thirty seconds, then refresh showing your new project gallery.
    4. If the page reloads and you DO NOT see your new project gallery, that means one of your images is broken. Either make sure the dimensions of the image are saved for web (either 120dpi or around 700-1200 pixels wide), or re-save the image entirely as the JPEG marker is broken.
    5. If you have ANY trouble, do not panic. Send an email and we will get you ready for Graduation!
  4. Hooray! If you submitted your images here and this separate online form, you fulfilled this Graduation Requirement.

Thesis Submission Guidelines

More Information

The Thesis website is an online catalog of senior thesis exhibition work and an institutional archive of your work as a student at MECA. The text and images submitted for Thesis will live on as you move on in your professional career following graduation. Therefore it is critical that all text is thoroughly proofread and error free and that all images of artwork of professional quality.

I) Images & Written Materials – Due Friday, April 28

  1. Artist Statement (no more than 200 words)
  2. Brief Biography (no more than 100 words)
  3. Website Link (if applicable)
  4. Submit here.

II) Images & Written Materials – Due Friday, April 28

  1. 5—10 Hi-Res Images of Professional Artwork
  2. Image List (identify each image with a corresponding # in image file name)
    1. Image #, Full Name, Title, Year made, Materials, Dimensions.
    2. Submit here (step 1) and Submit here (step 2)
    3. Image #1 is the Feature Image (for commencement ceremony)

Image Spec Requirements

  1. Hi-res photos, please. 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), width at 2,500 pixels wide. No minimum height.
  2. Please submit images as jpg attachments.
  3. Do not send images on google docs or poor quality images at lower resolution.

Image Sizing Tips

Submission & Naming Guidelines 
Please title all submission materials in this sequence: LastName_FirstName_Image#.jpg

Image List (identify each image with a corresponding # in image file name)

  1. Image #, Full Name, Title, Year made, Materials, Dimensions.

Video Submissions
If you are submitting Digital Media works: video, film, animation, or other digital works, please submit one .mov file exported at best quality, one .mov file exported for the web and include a screengrab still.

If you have trouble with the forms, please email for assistance.

Photographing Your Work / Photobooth

Learn more

Over the years some departments have worked with local professional photographers to shoot student work, in some cases students have made their own arrangements with photographers or other Photo students to have their work photographed. Most importantly, you need to have good professional images of your artwork. If you do not already have plans to have your work photographed, please prepare yourself and make arrangements.

Photobooth Sign-up
Photobooth will be reserved for seniors only under normal hours. You are welcome to reserve Photobooth and make use of it prior to reserved senior schedule. To make a Photobooth reservation, click here.

Shooting Artwork in Photobooth

Photobooth has offer approximate times for shooting different types of artwork (see below). When you schedule a time, please have your artwork ready and be prepared to set up and assist with moving artwork, and be engaged about documenting your work – communicate clearly and assist as needed. In other words, don’t just dropped of your work and leave without communicating with the Photobooth Team about their requirements and expectations.

Approximate Shooting Times

  • 2D WORK (illustration, graphic design, prints): 15 -25 mins for 5 -8 pieces
  • PAINTINGS (longer): 45 mins for 5 -8 pieces
  • 3D WORKS, SCULPTURE (if not too shiny): 30 mins for 1- 4 pieces
  • CERAMICS: about 30 – 45 mins depending on glaze & sizes
  • JEWELRY (very difficult): Not too shiny = about 10 – 25mins for 1-5 pieces; Shiny = 45mins – 1hour for 1-3 pieces.

Installation Artworks
If your thesis work for the show is site-specific, designed environment-type installation we will need to coordinate with Kyle Dubay and the Photobooth Team to shoot your work once your installation is finished. It is critical that you communicate clearly with the Curatorial Team and Photobooth because there will only be 2 to 3 days to shoot, process and upload these installation images to the Thesis website.

Site header caption

Sophie Cangelosi ’16, Phantasm, Installation photography by Joel Tsui ’16.