Maine College of Art & Design Holiday Sale

Maine College of Art & Design Holiday Sale 2023

Friday, December 1: 5:00-9pm

Saturday, December 2: 10am-6pm

522 Congress St

Portland, ME 04101

Maine College of Art & Design is excited to announce the return of the beloved Holiday Sale! After taking a few years off to weather the storm, we are thrilled to invite the public back into the Porteous Building to shop for handmade goods from our community of faculty, staff and alumni. Mark your calendars for Friday, December 1st from 5-9pm and Saturday, December 2nd from 10am-6pm and join us for a celebration of handmade art and design. Make sure to also stop by 49 Oak, MECA&D’s experimental storefront where we will be hosting a student holiday pop up shop for the month of December, opening on First Friday from 5-8pm.

Applications are open from September 1st - October 8th at 11:59pm.



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Past Vendors

2022 Vendors

2021 Vendors
2020 Vendors

2019 Vendors

2018 Vendors

2016 Vendors

2015 Vendors

  • Pilar Nadal ’13 – Letterpress and screen-printed paper and textile goods (handkerchiefs and tea towels)
  • Erika Naigle ’11 – Functional pottery as well as magnets and Christmas ornaments
  • Emily Diaz Norton ’07 – Sculptural and functional porcelain adornments for the home and body
  • Shannon Owen ‘ 14Bracelets, neck pieces made from needle and wet felted wool, embellishments include hand-carved alabaster and silicone
  • Emily Percival ’06 – Edgy and elegant jewelry handcrafted from sterling silver and semi precious stones
  • Alex Portela – Clay animal and dragon figures
  • Robbi Portela ’87Stoneware pottery with whimsical animal designs
  • Roxanne Quimby, Honorary ’15- Fresh organic vegetables combined with cage free eggs and added to organic semolina flour to create nutritious, delicious, locally produced pasta
  • Shannon Rankin ’97 – Embroidered map collages
  • Natalie Reed ’13 – Silver and gold jewerly inspired by lobstering and Maine’s coast
  • J.Richel ’02Cards and prints
  • Michelle Roberts ’94 –  Beautifully crafted, non-traditional jewelry alternatives for the young at heart
  • Joe Rosshirt ’11Affordable gifts, cards, prints and paintings for all ages
  • Gergana Ruphina ’98 –  Unique illustrations for wall, fabric and the home
  • Morgan Sayer ’98 – Sterling silver jewelry
  • Carter Shappy ’15 and David Twiss ’14 – Woodblock printed T-shirts and prints (usually with animalistic themes)
  • Rebecca Shelly ’04Bags and earrings using bike inner tubes and up-cycled fabrics
  • Maia Snow ’13 –  Abstract drawings, collages, and paintings
  • Rachel Sperry – Knit tops, hats and scarves
  • Melissa Sullivan, Staff – Sewn goods pairing bold fabrics with good design (bags, totes, tea towels, dopp kits)
  • Beth Taylor Weyand ’08 –  Colorful and playful children’s clothing, home textiles and notecards
  • Jessica Teesdale, StaffColorful, functional pottery with a nature inspired narrative
  • Karalyn Thayer ’08 – Original Christmas cards, greeting cards, art prints and other printed goods
  • Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Staff –  Encaustic and acrylic mixed media paintings, handmade cards and ornaments
  • Nicole Warren ’12 –  Cast plastic, resin and sterling silver jewelry
  • LK Weiss ’11 –  Hand-drawn greeting cards and prints, and Bowline Co. handmade bow ties
  • Nathan Willever ’11 –  Handmade slipware pottery
  • Amanda Williams, Current Student Stoneware pottery, handmade soap dishes and holiday tree ornaments
  • Maria Wolff Sterling silver jewelry that incorporates butterfly and moth wings
  • Sarah Yakawonis ’09Paper art, quilling in posters and ornaments, paper flowers (made and kits)

2014 Vendors

  • Elizabeth Louden – Pottery (floor 3, table 48)
  • Marilyn Lucey ’09 – Hand felted hats; Maine-made crafter  (floor 1, table 10)
  • Ruchika Madan ’93 – Decorative ceramic tableware and tiles  (floor 2, table 31)
  • Tracy S. Mastro ’91Kiln fired enamel art and jewelry  (floor 2, table 24)
  • Naomi McNeill ’08 – Designer jewelry  (floor 1, table 1)
  • Caren-Marie Michel ’78 – Original acrylic on canvas landscape paintings  (floor 1, table 9)
  • Jason Morrissey ’98 – Handmade knives, jewelry, glass marbles, and hollow/solid glass forms (floor 2, table 29)
  • John Nelson ’12 – Furniture (floor 1, table 18)
  • Toki Oshima –  Art and cards (floor 1, table 3)
  • Sara Patalano ’02 –  Handmade plush friends for all ages (floor 2, table 30)
  • Roxanne Quimby – Fresh organic vegetables combined with cage free eggs and added to organic semolina flour to create nutritious, delicious, locally produced pasta. (floor 2, table 23)
  • Kari Radash ’97 –  Pottery (floor 1, table 6)
  • Michelle Roberts ’94 –  Jewelry & accessories (floor 2, table 25)
  • Gergana Ruphina ’98 –  One of a kind textiles, paper goods and art (floor 2, table 27)
  • Shalom House, Inc. –  Paintings, note cards, jewelry (floor 3, table 45)
  • Maia Snow ’13 –  Oil paintings, collages, drawings (floor 3, table 35)
  • Molly Steinmetz ’14 –  Prints, cards, pins, jewelry, knick-knacks, etc. (floor 3, table 41)
  • Melissa Sullivan, Staff – Sewn goods-bags, napkins, aprons, tea towels, clothing (floor 2, table 20)
  • Beth Taylor ’08 –  pillOWS, onesies, stationery, with wit and stitch (floor 3, table 53)
  • David Twiss ’14 –  Prints, posters, t-shirts (floor 2, table 19)
  • Dietlind Vander Schaaf, Staff –  Ornaments, small collages, greeting cards, and encaustic paintings (floor 2, table 22)
  • Angela Warren ’11 –  Oil paintings on canvas or panel; small gouache paintings on paper; digital prints of paintings (floor 3, table 40)
  • Nicole Warren ’12 –  Jewelry (floor 3, table 51)
  • LK Weiss ’11 –  T-shirts and handmade greeting cards (floor 2, table 22)
  • Nathan Willever ’11 –  Ceramics, pottery (floor 2, table 21)

2013 Vendors

  • Kate Allen ’06 – Bold, fabulous, fun, eclectic, affordable handmade resin jewelry & accessories. (floor 1, table 18)
  • Judy Babin ’98 – Sterling silver and gold jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones. (floor 2, table 12)
  • Marian Baker – Faculty – Useful pottery (floor 3, table 57)
  • Cat Bates ’09 – Distinctive Jewelry and accessories. (floor 3, table 52)
  • Nicole Blake ’10 – Home textiles: tea towels, aprons, children’s items: dress up items, nursery decor (floor 3, table 39)
  • Shayna Blumert ’13 – Screen printed cards, clothing, and tapestries (floor 3, table 46)
  • Olan Boardman ’01 – Tea towels, pillows, art prints, paper products, calendars and cards (floor 1, table 2)
  • Emily Bourne ’14 – Ceramics (floor 1, table 8)
  • Shawn Brewer ’12 – Live screenprinted T-shirts and Posters designed by Maine Artist. (floor 2, table 20)
  • Jasmine Clayton (attended) – Handcrafted leather bags and accessories (floor 2, table 15)
  • Eliza Jane Curtis – Friend – Hand-printed items, original designs: Letterpress cards, silkscreened jersey scarves, organic cotton tote bags, t-shirts, tea towels, etc. (floor 3, table 44)
  • Nicholas Downing, Continuing Studies – Iron work (floor 3, table 54)
  • Michel Droge ’10 MFA – Small oil paintings &  intaglio prints & framed  drawings (floor 3, table 43)
  • Eric Drzewianowski ’04 – Blank guest books and albums, small chap books (floor 3, table 41)
  • Hannah Ellingwood ’16 – Cards with scans of artwork as image (floor 3, table 55)
  • Lisa Ferreira Jones ’02 – Handmade paper lighting, switch plate covers, jewelry and paper accessories (floor 2, table 14)
  • Colleen Foley ’07 – Hand Printed Apparel and Accessories; Limited Edition Prints on Paper (floor 2, table 13)
  • Colleen Forde ’96 – Original landscape oil paintings, Matted Prints , cards and calendars (floor 3, table 56)
  • Tara Gamwell ’06 – Quilts, fabric gifts & home accessories, crayon holders, ornaments, baskets (floor 3, table 45)
  • Theresa Maria Gannett ’13 – Jewelry; bangles, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces (floor 1, table 9)
  • Hannah Godbey ’11 –  Pillows, monotypes, silkscreens, lithography and cyanotype (floor 2, table 25)
  • Shelby Goldsmith ’14 – Colorful contemporary cloisonné enamel silhouette pendants (floor 3, table 59)
  • Amalia Guettinger ’12 – Jewelry (floor 1, table 10)
  • Grace Hager ’15 – Fine Art Prints, Knit Apparel: Hats + Scarves, Drawings, Paintings, Collage (floor 2, table 24)
  • Mason Hainey (attended) – Unisex apparel, neckwear & leather goods (floor 3, table 58)
  • Kendra Haskell-Sweet ’89 – Clothing and accessories for women and girls (floor 3, table 50)
  • Andrew Haviland ’12 – Jewelry (floor 3, table 35)
  • Stacy Howe MFA ’10 – Prints and drawings (floor 3, table 42)
  • Tami Kasoff ’97 – Crochet & Knit Items (floor 3, table 53)
  • Heather Kelly ’99 – Nail art on weathered wood and kids organic shirts with sewn on capes (floor 2, table 22)
  • Genevieve Levin ’97 – Multi-media art work based in henna traditions, felted soap, clothing, henna inspired rocks and journals (floor 3, table 32)
  • Megan Lloyd (staff) – Jewelry (floor 3, table 42)
  • Elizabeth Louden (attended) – Pottery (floor 3, table 54)
  • Lydia Loy-Santelli ’16 – Freehand, all natural, henna tattoos–traditional mandala style + flash tattoos (floor 3, table 40)
  • Mark Marchesi ’99 – Medium sized prints of a variety of imagery, matted, and framed in an assortment of vintage and handmade frames (floor 3, table 33)
  • Tracy Mastro ’91Kiln fired enamel jewelry (floor 1, table 1)
  • Declan McCarthy ’15Comic books and art prints (floor 2, table 21)
  • Naomi McNeill ’08 – Metalsmith and Jeweler (floor 2, table 18)
  • Kimberly Medeiros ’11 – Hand Blown Glass: Cups, Vases, Mugs, Ornaments, Buoys (floor 3, table 60)
  • Caren-Marie Michel ’78 – One of a kind acrylic on canvas landscape paintings (floor 3, table 34)
  • Jason Morrissey ’98 – Glass marbles, metal and glass objects, knives, belt buckles (floor 1, table 9)
  • Rangeley Morton ’14 – Designed Objects: Lamps; Tables: Seating; Mirrors; Etc. (floor 3, table 29)
  • Zachary Nelson ’14 – Jewelry and metal objects (floor 2, table 21)
  • Emily Diaz Norton ’07 – Ceramic and Wood Items (floor 2, table 23)
  • Emily Percival-Snyder ’06 – Inspired by nature, handmade jewelry (floor 2, table 18)
  • Jayne Redman ‘77 – Metalsmith and Jeweler (floor 2, table 18)
  • Natalie Reed ’13 – Metalsmith and Jeweler (floor 2, table 18)
  • Michelle Roberts ’94 – Colorful Jewelry & Accessories (floor 1, table 3)
  • Zeke Rodriguez ’16 – Sensual lines of jewelry that move comfortably on the body. (floor 3, table 37)
  • Gergana Rupchina ’98 – Jewelry, silk scarves, calendars, art, cards, mobiles (floor 3, table 49)
  • Emma Sampson ’11 – Photographic prints (floor 3, table 35)
  • Morgan Sayer ’98 – Sterling silver jewelry (floor 3, table 37)
  • Laurie Spugnardi ’90 – Colorful Surface Design | Paper + Ceramic + Fabric (floor 3, table 51)
  • Molly Steinmetz ’14 – Illustration (floor 1, table 8)
  • Hillary Stucker ’14 – Highly decorated functional ceramic tableware (floor 2, table 24)
  • Victor Sylva ’16 – Hand-printed T shirts and Sweatshirts (floor 3, table 55)
  • Karalyn Thayer ’08 – Holiday cards, prints, and small paintings (floor 3, table 48)
  • David Twiss ’14 – Prints & posters, t-shirts, letterpress cards (floor 3, table 37)
  • Dietlind Vander Schaaf – Staff – Handmade collage cards, Christmas ornaments, encaustic art, and small collage paintings (floor 3, table 28)
  • Nicole Warren ’12 – Jewelry- Plastic, sterling silver (floor 2, table 25)
  • Lisa (LK) Weiss ’11 – T-shirts and handmade greeting cards (floor 3, table 28)
  • Nathan Willever ’11 – Handmade pottery, ceramics, pots (floor 3, table 38)
  • Maria Wolff ‘13 – Metalsmith and Jeweler (floor 2, table 18)
  • Nicholas Zalisk ’07 – Ceramic and wood items (floor 2, table 23)


Past Featured Artists

2020 Featured Artists

Cat Bates ’09 of Cat Bates Jewelry , @catbatesjewelry

I design my pieces from the ground up, from the cordage and clasps, to the method of manufacture. They are tough; wear them constantly if you care to. Rely on them. Use compounds their beauty. If you wear one of my pieces, take pleasure in knowing that you are part of what makes it beautiful.

Raffle Item: Pelican Clip bracelet, brass with cotton cord, available in small, medium, or large.

Hana Firestone BFA '14 of Hana Firestone Art, @hanafirestoneart

I am a Maine artist and enjoy making fun and colorful art that makes people smile. I graduated from Maine College of Art & Design with a BFA in Illustration. I work with mixed media making primarily cards and illustrations of animals and nature.

Raffle Items: Chicken Holiday Bundle: Original Edgar Chicken painting, holiday card, king chicken notebook.

Amalia Moon Guettinger '12 of Amalia Moon, @amaliamoonjewelry

I am drawn to the tangible nature of the process of hand fabricating jewelry. Wearing jewelry is personal, intimate, and tactile. When jewelry is worn, it travels through the adventures and lives of others, changing and evolving with their experiences. I lovingly handcrafted these objects to connect and evolve with others.

Raffle Item: Surfboard Post Earrings. Made from recycled sterling silver these earring are hand sawn. A high karat gold foil is heat bonded to the silver.  The silver is then oxidized to provide contrast with the gold. .86" L x .4" W. 

Mary Harrington '01 of Mountainess Handmade, @mountainess_handmade

Mary Harrington is a Maine bass botanical skin care, candle maker and graphic designer.

Raffle Item: Handmade Soap and Deodorant Bundle: Four handmade vegan organic soaps (Maple & Oatmeal, Blueberry & Geranium, Balsam, Lavender), organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic olive oil, home grown botanicals, filtered Maine snow, 4-5oz bar. Two organic coconut oil deodorants (Merchants Blend (clove, lemongrass, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus, and rosemary), peppermint), Organic coconut oil, Organic shea butter, antibacterial organic beeswax, organic arrowroot powder, aluminum free baking soda.

Emily Rogstad '13, @emilyrogstad

My work and aesthetic are derived from my daily landscape. Architectural details, discovered color stories and everyday objects are broken down, interwoven and translated into wearable pieces. A repetitious habit of sketching structures and lines has become a graphic body of work with the qualities of a drawing. I was born and raised in the small village of East Calais, Vermont. I graduated in 2013 with a BFA in Metalsmithing + Jewelry from Maine College of Art & Design. After some traveling I moved to Penland School of Crafts for their two year Core Fellowship. Now a resident of Asheville, North Carolina I spend my time maintaining an inquisitive studio practice and enjoying the mountains.

Raffle Item:Petal Loop Earrings, Oxidized sterling silver, 2 x 1.25 inches.

Liza Sperry '07 of Sperry General Store, @sperrygeneralstore

I'm a graphic designer inspired by the vintage travel posters of the 1930s. I draw each design by hand from a photograph - either my own or from a local photographer. I redraw the design in the computer, simplifying each form to create the simplest composition. Typography and colors are carefully selected minimizing the palette and tone. Our shop includes vintage inspired prints and posters, as well stationary and holiday cards.

Raffle Item: Maine Print Set: Acadia National Park, Moosehead Lake, Casco Bay, Katahdin, heavy stock paper, ink, 11”  x 8.5”.

Evelyn Wong MFA '19 of Fireball Bookbindery, @fireballbookbindery

Fireball Bookbindery came about as I began making notebooks, sketchbooks, jotters, and folios inspired by Asian book-bindings, designs, and materials. I combined my love and appreciation for tradition and culture with modern aesthetics and techniques, reflecting and celebrating my own heritage as an Asian American artist. Through Fireball Bookbindery, I create unique, handmade books that value a high level of craftsmanship, encouraging creativity from my patrons. I see these books as a sort of long-distance collaborative project between my patrons and me as I encourage them to share their voice and creativity on social media.

Raffle Item: Hand Bound Book Bundle: 1 Large 7" x 9" Handbound Brocade Journal (160 pages of dry media paper),  1 Pocket-Sized 4" x 5.5" Coptic-Bound Sketchbook (100 pages of dry media sketching paper), 1 Pocket-Sized 4" x 5.5" Handbound Jotter (40 pages of lined writing paper), 2 Mini Book Ornaments.

2019 Featured Artists

Josh Brill ’00

Josh Brill is an artist and designer in Portland, Maine. His work focuses on the discovery and promotion of nature from the physical to the existential. His ongoing art series, the Flora Fauna collection, catalogues the design identities of plants and animals from around the world. It examines the visual character differences and similarities of life. This has extended into brand collaborations with Element skateboards, Lacoste, Petco, Habitat, Lowe's, and the Edinburgh International Book Festival developing product designs and brand experiences focusing on animals.

Raffle Item: Sonzai, Giclée art print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, 36"x 20", 2019

Adrian King ’12 of Adrian King Pottery

My approach to making pottery stems from an intrigue for the process and materials that I use.  I utilize atmospheric firing technique using wood and gas, that activate the surfaces with an earth-toned warmth.  The firing process allows moments of uncertainty to happen. Bursts of color appear where licked by the flame and glaze wraps around a pot like water against rock.  I want my pottery to bring comfort to our daily routine through tactile and visually stimulating surfaces that promote and encourage use.

Raffle Item: Canister Jar, Stoneware, various slip, clear glaze, Gas Fired, 2019

Joseph Lendway ’15 and Emily Green of The Woodworker's Wife

The Woodworker’s Wife is the partnership of Emily Green and furniture maker and MECA&D alumnus Joe Lendway. We make fun and fancy wooden wares right here in southern Maine. Elevate your entertaining game with these sophisticated designs featuring clean lines, pops of color, and specially carved curves for comfort and easy handling. Hand-crafted, high quality, and one-of-a-kind.

Raffle Item: Set of three black walnut boards: cheese board, 6” x 12”; charcuterie board, 6” x 17”; and bread board, 6” x 22"

Caren-Marie Michel ’78

Caren-Marie Sargent Michel was born in Portland, Maine and is a lifelong Maine resident. Michel earned her B.F.A. in painting from Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art & Design.) Michel’s work has been selected for juried shows throughout the US and Canada, she was in residence at MECA&D’s Stephen Pace House in Stonington and at Baie Ste. Marie in New Edinburg, Nova Scotia.

Michel’s work was selected for Art of Katahdin and Paintings of Portland by David Little and Carl Little. Michel is represented by Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor, Maine. She loves color.

Raffle Item: Golden Road Marsh 20 Acrylic on canvas, 6" x 12", 2017, value $275. Photo Credit, Jay York.

Amalia Moon '12 

I came into metalsmithing while I was curiously thumbing through the craft section in a bookstore. I had no idea that it was possible to create such interesting and beautiful objects with some tools and my own hands. Originally from sunny California, I moved to the chilly East Coast to finish my degree at MECA&D. I believe that wearing jewelry is personal, intimate and tactile. When jewelry is worn, it travels through the adventures and lives of others, changing and evolving with their experiences. I lovingly handcrafted these objects to connect and evolve with others. 

Raffle Item: Black and Gold Drop Post Earrings, 1.5" L x .5" W

Mali Mrozinski ’04 of Doublet

Mali Mrozinski is a visual artist whose work is rooted in textiles, although not defined by material or process. Her current focus has been on customization in garment making and the conceived narratives that arise from such alterations.  She holds a BFA in Painting from the Maine College of Art & Design and an MFA in Textiles & Fashion Design with a Minor in Material Culture from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Mali currently has work in the Terrain Biennial in Portland and will be a winter artist in residence at the Monson Arts Center in 2020.  Mali lives and works in Readfield with her son and partner.

Raffle Item: Tool Bucket, Linen and Stitching, 2018

2018 Featured Artists


Past Window Displays

2021 Window Display

The 2021 Holiday Sale Window was designed by Lin Snow ’20(@goose_ifer). Maine in Hibernation shows a winter scene with hibernating Maine native animals. Read more about where the different species take shelter for the winter here

2020 Window Display

The 2020 Holiday Sale Window was designed by Sarah Sawtelle '19 (@sarah_sawtelle). More photos of the window display can be found here.

2019 Window Display

The 2019 MECA&D Holiday Sale Window Display was designed by Hannah Rosengren ’13 (@hannah_rosengren_studio). More photos of the window display can be found here.