Alumni Triennial

The MECA&D Alumni Triennial takes place in the ICA at MECA&D every third year. This themed exhibition is curated by a distinguished alumni who selects the artists and artwork to be featured. Graduates with a BFA, MFA, Post-Baccalaureate Art Education Certificate, MAT, or an Honorary Degree are eligible to apply. The title of the exhibition is determined after the selection process is complete, based on themes inherent in the chosen work.

View the 2018 Alumni Triennial Curious Nature.

View the 2015 Alumni Biennial, Residual Utopia.


2018 Alumni Triennial Curious Nature. Art (left-right): Sarah Camille Wilson ’07, Tessa Greene O’Brien MFA ’16, and Isabelle O’Donnell ’17; Photography by Kyle Dubay ’18