MECA’s 2019 Summer Art Sale | June 27–June 29

COLLECT: MECA’s 2019 Summer Art Sale raises money for MECA’s student scholarships as well as benefiting the participating artists.

Featuring the original works of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, proceeds benefit MECA’s Student Scholarship Fund to enable the next generation of artists to pursue their talents.

For sponsorship information or questions, contact Abby Peck, Director of Institutional Giving & Special Events at or 207.699.5012.

2019 COLLECT Information

Maine College of Art presents COLLECT: MECA’s 2019 Summer Art Sale (June 27-29), a fundraiser in support of MECA’s Student Scholarship Fund. This three-day event is a great opportunity to discover emerging artists, view new work by established artists, and build or add to an art collection. The art sale features a unique, diverse and unexpected array of original work in a variety of genres with a range of sizes, prices, and media, including furniture, sculpture, jewelry, paintings, prints, photography, textiles, drawings, and more. One to five works are priced by the artists and sold to benefit MECA, with commission or full donation options.

The Art Sale is held in MECA’s ICA within the Porteous Building, 522 Congress St, Portland, Maine.

COLLECT Public Events

  • Thursday, June 27, 10am-6pm
  • Friday, June 28, 10am-6pm
  • Saturday, June 29, 10am-6pm

For more information or to become a sponsor, email

2019 Slideshow of Selected Work

2019 Participating Artists

Hannah Adams MFA ’19, Alumni,
Judith Allen-Efstathiou, CS Faculty,
Marian Baker, Faculty,
Tabitha Barnard ’16, Alumni,
Hannah Barnes ’02, Alumni,
Cat Bates ’09, Alumni,
Jessica Beer ’15, Alumni,
Chris Beneman, Friend,
Steven Benenson, Faculty,
Kim Bernard, CS Faculty,
Don Best ’79, Alumni,
Matt Blackwell ’77, Alumni,
Paul Bonneau, Friend,
Meghan Brady, Friend,
Lucy Breslin, Faculty,
Philip Brou, Faculty,
Nik Bsullak ’99, Alumni,
Jennifer Bush, CS Student
Chaya Caron ’99, Alumni,
Ian Colwell ’20, BFA Student
Kimberly Convery, Alumni,
Lesley Corbett ’13, Alumni,
John Costello ’19, BFA Student
Julie Crane ’86, Alumni,
Julie Cunningham ’00, Alumni,
Diane Dahlke, CS Faculty,
Addison de Lisle ’11, Alumni,
Andrew DeGraff, Faculty,
Anna Dibble, Friend,
Elijah River Dion ’19, Alumni,
Jenny Dougherty ’05, Alumni,
Nicholas Downing, Friend,
Michel Droge MFA’ 10, Alumni,
Nicole Duennebier ’05, Alumni,
London Dupere ’08, Alumni,
Annika Early MFA ’16, Alumni,
Elizabeth Elliman, CS Student
Katie Fagan’ 80, Alumni
Joshua Ferry ’94, Alumni,
Emmett Freeman ’17, Alumni,
Kathleen Galligan, Friend,
John Gardiner ’07, MFA ’14, Alumni,
Kate Gardiner ’20, BFA Student,
Lisa Gent, Friend,
Adeline Goldmink-Tronzo, CS Faculty,
Shelby Goldsmith ’14, Alumni,
Alisha Gould MFA ’10, Alumni,
Julie Gray MFA ’12, Alumni,
Amalia Guettinger ’12, Alumni,
Siobhan Haggett ’19, Alumni,
Meg Hahn ’17, Alumni,
Lindsay Hancock, Friend,
Dylan Hausthor ’15, Alumni,
Connie Hayes ’80, Alumni,
Alison Hildreth ’76, Alumni,
Adriane Herman, Faculty,
Reggie Hodges, Faculty
Ayumi Horie, Visiting Artist,
Anne Ireland ’94, Alumni,
Mark Johnson, Faculty,
Natalie Jones ’13, Alumni,
Kate Katomski MFA ’02, Alumni,
Adrian King ’12, Alumni,
Baxter Koziol ’17, Alumni,
Marguerite Lawler, CS Faculty,
Margaret Lawrence ’93, Alumni,
Honour Mack, Faculty,
Arnela Mahmutovic ’17, Alumni,
George Mason, Friend,
Naomi McNeill ’18, Alumni,
Larinda Meade, Friend,
Caren-Marie Michel ’78, Alumni,
Tracy Mastro ’91, Alumni,
Kat Miller ’19, Alumni,
Daniel Minter, Faculty,
Bennett Morris MFA ’07, Alumni,
Vanessa Nesvig, Friend,
Shirah Neuman MFA ’12, Alumni,
Tessa Green O’Brien MFA ’16, Alumni,
Oliver ’19 , Alumni,
Lucas Ouellette’18, Alumni,
Kerrin Parkinson, CS Faculty,
Elias Parsons ’19, Alumni
j.e. paterak, CS Faculty,
Emily Percival ’06, Alumni,
Sharon Portelance ’82, Alumni/Faculty,
Phoebe Porteous, Friend,
Cat Quattrociocchi ’17, Alumni,
Nikki Rayburn ’11, Alumni,
Natalie Reed ’13, Alumni,
Celeste Roberge ’79, Alumni,
Audrey Robidoux ’19, Alumni
Emily Rogstad ’13, Alumni,
Hannah Rosengren ’13, Alumni,
Lewis Rossignol ’17, Alumni,
Naomi Russo ’19, Alumni,
Bronwyn Sale MFA ’16, Alumni,
Emma Sampson ’11, Alumni,
Sarah Sawtelle ’19, Alumni,
Betsy Scheintaub, Faculty,
Jenny Scheu, Trustee,
Judith Schneider MFA ’14, Alumni,
Francine Schrock ’91, Alumni
Will Sears, Friend,
Carter Shappy ’15, Alumni,
Brendan Shea ’18, Alumni,
Alexandra Silverthorne MFA ’10, Alumni,
Maia Snow ’13, Alumni,
Gail Spaien, Faculty,
Patrick Stavens ’16, Alumni,
Molly Steinmetz ’14, Alumni,
Phil Stevens ’91, Alumni,
Heather Stewart Harvey, Staff,
Kiana Thayer ’20, BFA Student,
Ling-Wen Tsai, Faculty,
Susan Tureen ’96, Alumni,
Dietlind Vander Schaaf, CS Faculty,
Michael E. Vermette ’80, Alumni,
Jimmy Viera, Friend,
Angela Warren MFA ’11, Alumni,
Diana Washburn, Friend
Violet Weiner ’20, BFA Student
Shoshanna White, Friend,
Louisa Wickard, Friend,
Sarah Camille Wilson ’07, Alumni,
Henry Wolyniec, CS Faculty,
Nicholas Zalisk ’07, Alumni,

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