May 20, 2022
7:30 pm

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Before the show, learn about the student artists and the show order via the program booklet, available here.

2022 Host Committee

J.B. Adler

Joan Amory

Nathan Aranson

Cathy Bloom

Kelley Boero

Sean M. Bowie

Jim Brady & Katja Pianka

Dianne Chicoine

Dan Crewe

Steven & Eleanor Cunningham

Gary & Loretta Cunningham

Rebecca Earle & Caitrin Millar

Catherine Fisher

Cyrus Hagge & Jessica Tomlinson

Kathryn Knight-Wise

Meredith Koerner

Amy J. Kurth

Erin & Jackson Marshall

Sherry L. McLaughlin

Diane Meyer

Eden Millecchia - Flowers & Candy

Jennifer Moore

Margaret Morfit

Devin Newell

Jennifer & James Pochurek

Sue & Mac Rogers

Susan Schraft

Ava Thors

Linda Tobey

Abby & Barry Wark

Brad & Ann Willauer

Kathryn A. Yates 

May Yen

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