STILL STANDING: The Abyssinian Meeting House Story Archive

ICA at MECA&D 522 Congress St., Portland, Maine

The Public Engagement Program at Maine College of Art & Design presents the exhibition STILL STANDING, The Abyssinian Meeting House Story Archive, to be held at Maine College of Art & Design.

World Premiere of Burrow: Revisited

Maine College of Art & Design presents the world premiere of Burrow: Revisited, a collaborative performance piece by sound artist Alex Waterman and Assistant Professor Seth Rogoff.

Performance: ‘The Poets and the Assassin’

"The story of Iranian women, including their century-old battle for rights, remains with the few exceptions, untold. Though they have been in the forefront of the national struggle for independence, liberty and democracy in Iran, and have been among the most educated and most independent women in the Middle East-they entered universities in 1936 and gained the right to vote in 1963-to those in the West, their lives stay, for most part, in purdah, hidden and veiled in mystery.

Bad Influence: Salt Storytelling Night

Maine Charitable Mechanic Association 519 Congress St #2B, Portland, Maine

Thirteen true life, Moth-style stories by current Salt Radio and Photography + Film students on the theme of "Bad Influence." Doors open at 6:45; Free Admission.

‘Darkness and the Light’ | Performance featuring Barry Saunders

Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art & Design, first floor

Darkness and the Light Performance featuring jazz musician Barry Saunders. Saxophonist, clarinetist and composer, Barry Saunders has played clubs, festivals and concerts throughout the United States, with a few dates in Europe and Asia, with such notable musicians and ensembles as Conte Condoli, Pete Christlieb, OK|OK, Michael McGinnis, Stew & TNP, Brad Terry, Erik Deutsch, Barry […]

Machine Dazzle: Visiting Artist Lecture

Osher Hall, Maine College of Art & Design, 2nd Floor 522 Congress St., Portland, ME

Artist Lecture: with Machine Dazzle, Costume Designer for Taylor Mac, on Tuesday, September 17, at 6pm in Osher Hall at MECA&D.