BFA Course Schedule: Fall 2021

    SEM 354

    3YR Seminar: Crafts Topics - Practice

    This course is designed to foster each student’s relationship within the historical context of crafts through the study and application of contemporary practice and theory. In coordination with all departments, course lectures, field trips, workshops and visiting artists will be selected to assist students in establishing strategies for studio research in order to isolate, identify, and pursue a meaningful subject(s) within a clearly defined personal and craft historical context. In addition each student will develop a more articulate understanding of their practice within a larger context of their specific discipline, history, society, and culture. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring.

    3 credits
    SEM 451

    Professional Studio

    This one-semester course is designed to deliver professional development information to seniors through presentations and lectures pertinent to artists and designers. Topics from how to establish a studio/community to various ways of working with individuals and the public; to making a professional identity package and finances plus many more will be explored. In addition to lectures and tutorials, there may also be field trips connected to appropriate topics, as well as visiting artists and professionals such as a CPA and Maine Arts Commission. Class projects are designed to offer specific experiences and skills pertinent to the student’s professional development. Sections will be split to focus on area-specific professional information and assignments. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 2.5 hours/week.\

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring.

    3 credits
    SEM 452

    SEM 452 Senior Synthesis

    This course is taken in the final semester of the senior year. It is an integral course with the studio practice. Students will be led through a guided research and writing process to identify and explore what their inspirations are for their studio work, how those interests are played out historically and what their relevance is to contemporary art and culture. The class will culminate in a fully articulated written thesis that explains and details their thesis work. Students will present their ideas at various points throughout the semester and conversations will be held about the ideas underlying their work both in the classroom and in individualized studio visits. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 3 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Must be in your senior year.

    3 credits
    WF 101

    WF 101 Introduction to Woodworking

    This is a beginning level introduction to wood as a visual and building material. Assignments and exercises focus on the application of various techniques such as carving and fabrication to create dynamic forms that explore function & composition. The use of power and hand tools will be applied to create a variety of objects that illustrate an in-depth understanding of working with wood. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisites.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    WF 125

    WF 125 Models & Mockups

    Working with wood is often expensive, time consuming and requires a great deal of planning. This course will explore that crucial planning process as we focus on model making, scaled samples and full-size mockups. Through the use of appropriate techniques and tools from nail guns to the laser cutter, we will build sets, models and examples of larger work proposals. Assignments will be individually tailored to fit your studio work interests and cover topics related to achieving your own goals within your studio practice, such as bringing your digital environmental work into the real world. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisites.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    WF 235

    WF 235 CURViture

    This course examines the conceptual and structural possibilities of bending wood as it applies to functional and sculptural approaches. Assignments and exercises focus on the practice and practical application of solid wood and plywood. Exercises will cover simple and complex bends, fixture mechanics, and clamp/vacuum bag applications. Students will apply these newly acquired skills to make a minimum of one project. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : WF 101 or permission from instructor.

    3 credits
    WF 242

    WF 242 Special Topics: The Shape of Light

    Using light as a primary medium and driving factor, this course will explore various methods of containing, enhancing and showcasing this agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Through the use of simple materials such as paper, plastics, veneer & wood, we will utilize connections that are direct, manageable and appropriate for creating forms. The use of basic electrical components as well as natural exposure to light will be used as vehicles for sources of the medium. Assignments and exercises will focus on developing a body of work that balances technique with form, content and utility. No woodworking skills are necessary for this class. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisites.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    WF 321

    WF 321 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

    This course explores the making of furniture & furniture related objects. Through technical demonstrations, conceptual discussions and material explorations, students will gather the skills needed to begin constructing their ideas with wood as their primary medium. Drawings and models will be used to generate and refine projects. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : WF 101 and one WF elective.

    3 credits
    WF 322

    WF 322 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

    The completion of Jr. Studio is dedicated toward learning intermediate to advanced techniques as well as the development of a strong understanding of wood as a building material. Individual and group projects will allow for exploration in concept, utility and technique. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : WF 321

    3 credits
    WF 421

    WF 421 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

    Within this course, it is expected that each student begin to develop a significant body of work and the ability to articulate that work in preparation for their thesis and final semester. Multiple advanced techniques are covered and students are required to organize, exhibit and document their work within an all-department exhibition at the end of this course. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : WF 321 & WF 322

    3 credits
    WF 422

    WF 422 Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

    Students are given quick warm-up assignments throughout the year while concurrently developing their work in close communication with faculty. This course is predominantly dedicated toward the development of the students’ body of work that will accompany their written thesis. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : WF 421

    3 credits