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Fall 2018 Course Schedule 
Spring 2019 Course Schedule


    SEM 451

    Professional Studio (Craft, Fine Arts, Digital Media, Illustration and Design)

    This one-semester course is designed to deliver professional development information to seniors through presentations and lectures pertinent to artists and designers. Topics from how to establish a studio/community to various ways of working with individuals and the public; to making a professional identity package and finances plus many more will be explored. In addition to lectures and tutorials, there may also be field trips connected to appropriate topics, as well as visiting artists and professionals such as a CPA and Maine Arts Commission. Class projects are designed to offer specific experiences and skills pertinent to the student’s professional development. Sections will be split to focus on area-specific professional information and assignments.

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring

    3 credits
    WF 101

    Introduction to Woodworking 

    This is a beginning level skill-building elective in joinery techniques and structural connection problem solving. Assignments and exercises focus on the practice and practical application of joinery techniques, in-depth hand and power tool use and the application of this information to a distinct body of work. Assignments develop an understanding of basic mechanical systems and proceed through advanced joint making processes with an ongoing reference to the historical context.

    Prerequisites : None. TF 101 and/or TF 102 are suggested.

    3 credits
    WF 244

    Industry: Designing & Creating a Brand

    Focused on creating an independent furniture brand, this course has students developing and presenting concepts that execute industry needs, design and production. Emphasis will be place on designing and making pieces that successfully fulfill the goals of the furniture brand while being constructed efficiently. Topics covered will include market research, costing models, pricing structures and production considerations.

    Prerequisites : None. TF 101 and/or TF 102 are suggested.

    3 credits
    WF 321

    Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio 

    This course explores the making of furniture & furniture related objects. Through technical demonstrations, conceptual discussions and material explorations, students will gather the skills needed to begin constructing their ideas with wood as their primary medium. Drawings and models will be used to generate and refine projects. Major requirement.

    Prerequisites : WF 101 and one WF elective.

    3 credits
    WF 421

    Woodworking & Furniture Major Studio

    Within this course, it is expected that each student begin to develop a significant body of work and the ability to articulate that work in preparation for their thesis and final semester. Multiple advanced techniques are covered and students are required to organize, exhibit and document their work within an all-department exhibition at the end of this course. Major requirement.

    Prerequisites : WF 321 & WF 322.

    3 credits