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BFA Spring 2020 – Course Catalog

    SEM 451

    Professional Studio (Craft, Fine Arts, Digital Media, Illustration and Design)

    This one-semester course is designed to deliver professional development information to seniors through presentations and lectures pertinent to artists and designers. Topics from how to establish a studio/community to various ways of working with individuals and the public; to making a professional identity package and finances plus many more will be explored. In addition to lectures and tutorials, there may also be field trips connected to appropriate topics, as well as visiting artists and professionals such as a CPA and Maine Arts Commission. Class projects are designed to offer specific experiences and skills pertinent to the student’s professional development. Sections will be split to focus on area-specific professional information and assignments.

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring

    3 credits
    SEM 452

    Senior Synthesis

    This course is taken in the final semester of the senior year. It is an integral course with the studio practice. Students will be led through a guided research and writing process to identify and explore what their inspirations are for their studio work, how those interests are played out historically and what their relevance is to contemporary art and culture. The class will culminate in a fully articulated written thesis that explains and details their thesis work. Students will present their ideas at various points throughout the semester and conversations will be held about the ideas underlying their work both in the classroom and in individualized studio visits. Major requirement: 3 credits/ 6 hours per semester.

    Prerequisites : Major standing

    Additional Notes : Major Requirement: 6 hours/week

    3 credits
    TF 102

    Introduction to Fashion and Apparel 

    Using the history of dress as a guideline for the course, students will learn the evolution of apparel both academically and experientially. Basic pattern drafting and garment construction, introduction to fashion sketching, and concept development will be supported by an exploration of the expressive properties of pattern, color, texture and materials on the body, as well as a basic understanding of scale and silhouette of clothes in relation to the human form. The course includes discussions and presentations around the notion of fashion, style, and the designer as artist.

    Prerequisites : None.

    3 credits
    TF 202

    Textile Printing

    Working both traditionally and digitally, students will explore the concepts of motif and repeat as means to create pattern. Hands-on study will focus on technical means for producing pattern on cloth using screen printing with dye and pigment and basic direct printing methods. Students will learn to sketch and develop ideas across technical platforms. Through projects and samples students will build knowledge of how various textile materials behave and perform, and how they affect printed patterns. Our resulting printed textiles will be compared to determine the strengths and weaknesses in different methods of printing and print media on cloth. Elective: 3 credit; 6 hours/week. No prerequisite. Printmaking students are encouraged to enroll.

    Prerequisites : None

    Additional Notes : Elective: 6 hours/ week.

    3 credits
    TF 215


    Weaving is executed on both tapestry frame looms and floor looms to explore two primary methods for creating woven structures and the textures and mark making inherent to each method. Students study techniques and create projects on both types of looms as a means to study introductory weaving, yarn handling, loom mechanics, weave categories, and color and weave. Types of weaves are studied through learning to read and create weave diagrams. Fiber properties are explored through observation of woven fabric performance and surface. Elective: 3 credit; 6 hours/week. No prerequisite.

    Prerequisites : None

    Additional Notes : Elective: 6 hours/ week.

    3 credits
    TF 322

    Majors Studio II: Textiles & Apparel

    Required majors studio course offered term of junior year. This is a continuation of TF 321. Coursework is partially assignment driven, with more advanced students identifying their own projects and areas of personal inquiry with the approval of the supervising faculty member. Weekly meetings with faculty, group critiques, and tutorials and instruction from faculty, artists, and designers with specific expertise will support the student’s exploration as it pertains to their work.

    Prerequisites : TF 321

    Additional Notes : Major Requirement: 6 hours/week

    6 credits
    TF 325

    Collection Development

    Juniors develop specific areas of interest while creating a capsule collection. They develop their creative capacity, research, and experiment with textile choices and applications. Professional practices are studied in the creation of digital technical illustrations, presentation boards, and portfolios. Students work from concept development through patterning, fit testing, and constructing finished garments for display in the end of the year fashion show. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. Prerequisite: TF 321. Must be taken the same semester as TF 322 Majors Studio II.

    Prerequisites : TF 321. Must be taken the same semester as TF 322 Majors Studio II.

    Additional Notes : Major Requirement: 6 hours/week

    3 credits
    TF 422

    Majors Studio IV

    Seniors investigate areas of specific interest within the field of textile and fashion in order to realize a senior thesis based on a comprehensively researched personal concept. Students work through all necessary professional steps to realize their finished work. Emphasis is placed on professional practices, time management, and the development of a sustainable studio practice while executing thesis work. Major requirement: 6 credits/semester; 12 hours/week. Prerequisite: TF 421.

    Prerequisites : TF 421

    Additional Notes : Major Requirement: 12 hours/week

    6 credits