BFA Course Schedule: Fall 2021

    IL 104

    IL 104 Intro to Ink for Illustrators

    The tradition of pen and ink has continued to thrive in the modern day and still is one of the most popular mediums for many illustrators and graphic artists. The use of inking is commonly used in the development of graphic novels, cartoons, and other various forms of illustration. Learned techniques can often be transferred to a digital medium. This class is an introduction to the fundamental and inventive use of drawing with pen, brush, and ink. Course projects cover a full repertoire of practice sheets, line-making techniques; including cross hatching, gesture, stippling, freestyle lines, experimentation with invented tools, as well as brush work and ink washes. There will be a focus on materials and demonstrations explaining proper use of pen, nibs, brushes, ink and paper choices. Students will be exposed to a range of illustrators/graphic artists who work primarily with ink. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisite.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    IL 107

    IL 107 Portrait Drawing in Illustration: People and Animals

    This is a class devoted to the study of portrait work as it pertains to the illustration field. Assignments will be based around portrait work in a range of styles from highly realistic and detailed to stripped-down and minimalist (comics & animation). Human forms will be studied extensively (and traditionally) within the first few weeks. Live models will be the basis for much of this study, but photo reference will also play a part. Animal (and other) forms will be introduced in a similar fashion. Assignments will range from in-class studies to homework involving the execution of finished work with the portrait featured in an illustrative context. This is a beginning level portraiture class. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisite.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    IL 110

    IL 110 Methods and Media in Illustration

    Students learn and build technical skills using a variety of water based materials such as acrylic, gouache, and watercolor as they apply to illustration. Students will gain an understanding of the effective use of color through painting and color mixing exercises. Focus on representational and observation. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week. No prerequisite.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    IL 212

    IL 212 Illustration in Context

    An introduction to illustration as a profession. Students do a variety of illustration assignments including editorial, book, and product illustration. Students learn illustration terminology and the beginnings of professionalism. Departmental Requirement for incoming majors: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Any 100 level Illustration elective and DR 100 or permission of the instructor.

    3 credits
    IL 230

    IL 230 Motion Graphics and Animation

    This course provides the student with an introduction to the basic principles of time-based visual storytelling with moving images. Based on a survey of historical and contemporary examples, projects and exercises will lead the student through important aspects of conveying information, narrative and personality. Professional software will be used in creating time-based vehicles used in dramatic, promotional and documentary contexts. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : One 100/200 elective in IL or GD or AG, and FN 101.

    3 credits
    IL 303

    IL 303 Narrative / SequentiaI llustration

    The language of sequential art and comics can serve as a useful basis for building narrative illustration in all forms. Students will explore and employ methods of depicting the passage of time, character relationships/hierarchies and key concepts in sequence, from contemporary and historical narrative solutions. Students will work on short and long form narrative illustrations, from single images, multi panel strips, multi-page sequences and multi-page comics/graphic novel. Students will explore how pagination, layout, and even drawing style and character design determine tone of content and how it is interpreted. Students will interpret factual narratives and develop original stories, as well as using existing stories provide as a means for narrative analysis and experimentation. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : This course is open to Junior and Seniors.

    Additional Notes : Second year students may apply and will be admitted based on individual portfolio review.

    3 credits
    IL 318

    IL 318 Advanced Techniques Masterclass

    Determination of style and mastery of medium and technique are essential to the success of a professional illustrator. This course is intended to introduce students to the primary mediums and techniques used in illustration in order to jumpstart their affinity, competency and eventual mastery of a specific media, approach and style. Elective: 3 cr./semester, 6 hr./week.

    Prerequisites : Any prior painting/drawing/illustration 100 level class or permission of the instructor.

    3 credits
    IL 321

    IL 321 Illustration Majors Studio

    This course further exposes students to a range of illustration formats and genres. Students build and hone drawing and technical skills, establish and maintain research methods, and explore materials and concepts. Third- and fourth-year students work to solve visual problems with short and long deadlines, combine observational skills, research, and invention in innovative ways, experiment to gain more fluency, and work in stages of formal and conceptual refinement. A student may work in representational, narrative, or conceptual genres on assignment-based projects, and will gain experience in contemporary practices, including process, the articulation of ideas, and presentation. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Major standing.

    3 credits
    IL 322

    IL 322 Illustration Majors Studio

    Students strengthen and refine skill sets, further developing research methods, practicing self-critique, meeting deadlines, and locating their personal voice and interests. Third-year students continue to work with shorter-term assignment-based illustration projects and focus on certain methods with faculty support. Seniors build a cohesive, portfolio-ready body of work consisting of both short-term and long-term projects where skill, research, and personal voice are concrete and visible. Guest illustrators, studio visits, critiques, field trips, and readings continue to support and broaden their experience and understanding of the field, presentation, and professional practices. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Major standing – IL 321.

    3 credits
    IL 340

    IL 340 Editorial Illustration

    Editorial illustration continues to be a key component of the illustration industry. In this class, students will go through a step by step process of creating an editorial illustration from the original text to the final illustration in context. Process will include brainstorming, sketching, drawing, revisions, digital production, to final. Personal point of view, experimentation, and exploration of materials will be encouraged. Evaluation of the current modern day editorial industry will be discussed and examined. Elective: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : This course is open to Juniors and Seniors. Second year students may apply and will be admitted based on individual portfolio review.

    3 credits
    IL 351

    IL 351 Introduction to the Discipline

    This seminar course provides an overview of the history of illustration from the perspective of critical genres and movements in illustration. Students will participate in lectures, engage in readings, give presentations, and will work on projects individually and collaboratively. Students engage in a dialogue of the uses, definitions, and value of illustration as an enduring social art form. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Major standing.

    Additional Notes : Laptop required.

    3 credits
    IL 421

    IL 421 Illustration Majors Studio

    This course continues to build on strengths acquired from the previous three years of study/major. Individuality will be a focus. The main aim of this class is to build a body of work that best reflects the highest of each student’s abilities. Each student will be measured against themselves throughout the semester. There will be a strong emphasis on problem solving while continuing to develop one’s own voice and visual language through illustration. Concept, technique, design, work ethic, and professionalism will be stressed. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : IL 321/322

    3 credits
    IL 423

    IL 423 Illustration Majors Studio

    This course is devoted to an instructor-facilitated independent project (thesis). Students will create professional level illustrations and establish a body of work for portfolio presentation and for inclusion in the senior thesis BFA display. Students will write papers to their thesis elaborating on influences, materials, contexts, and connections. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Major standing – IL 421.

    3 credits
    SEM 351

    3YR Seminar: Motive, Method, Making (GD & IL)

    This course explores the materials and methods of working in design and illustration through a series of intensive hands-on workshops. Processes may include Risograph printing, letterpress printing, prototyping packaging, an introduction to the Fab Lab, animation, and building a web presence. Conceptual exploration of a semester-long theme will be a common tying narrative to a visual language that is material specific. Whether 2D, 3D, time based, interactive, linear or nonlinear, methods of making influences the strategies applied within the design and illustration studio today. 3 credits/semester; 6 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring.

    Additional Notes : REQUIRED for Juniors in Illustration and Graphic Design Majors.

    3 credits
    SEM 451

    Professional Studio

    This one-semester course is designed to deliver professional development information to seniors through presentations and lectures pertinent to artists and designers. Topics from how to establish a studio/community to various ways of working with individuals and the public; to making a professional identity package and finances plus many more will be explored. In addition to lectures and tutorials, there may also be field trips connected to appropriate topics, as well as visiting artists and professionals such as a CPA and Maine Arts Commission. Class projects are designed to offer specific experiences and skills pertinent to the student’s professional development. Sections will be split to focus on area-specific professional information and assignments. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 2.5 hours/week.\

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring.

    3 credits
    SEM 452

    SEM 452 Senior Synthesis

    This course is taken in the final semester of the senior year. It is an integral course with the studio practice. Students will be led through a guided research and writing process to identify and explore what their inspirations are for their studio work, how those interests are played out historically and what their relevance is to contemporary art and culture. The class will culminate in a fully articulated written thesis that explains and details their thesis work. Students will present their ideas at various points throughout the semester and conversations will be held about the ideas underlying their work both in the classroom and in individualized studio visits. Major requirement: 3 credits/semester; 3 hours/week.

    Prerequisites : Must be in your senior year.

    3 credits