Fall 2018 Course Schedule 
Spring 2019 Course Schedule


    IL 104

    Intro to Ink for Illustrators

    This class is an introduction to the traditional and inventive use of drawing with pen, brush and ink. Course projects cover a full repertoire of practice sheets, line-making techniques, including cross hatching, gesture, stippling, and freestyle lines, as well as brush work and ink washes. There will be a focus on materials and demonstrations explaining proper use of pen, nibs, brushes, ink and paper choices.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    IL 107

    Portrait Drawing in Illustration: People and Animals

    Beginning level portraiture class - human and animal. This course explores various drawing techniques with a focus on proportion, structure, features, ethnicity and likeness to develop accurate as well as expressive illustrative portraits. Students will be working from live models, photographs and imagination including excursions to Maine Audubon to draw from their collection.

    No Prerequisites

    3 credits
    IL 304

    The Narrative: Illustration Stories

    This course offers an in-depth study of narrative forms. A strong focus on drawing skills and research will aid students in developing scenarios and/or characters and the environments they inhabit in sequential contexts. Students work in a variety of media, both traditional and digital. This course examines historical and modern day trends in graphic novels, comics, and picture/chapter books, etc.

    Prerequisites : This course is open to Juniors and Seniors. Second year students may apply and will be admitted based on individual portfolio review.

    3 credits
    IL 351

    Introduction to the Discipline 

    This seminar course provides an overview of the history of illustration from the perspective of critical genres and movements in illustration. Students will participate in lectures, engage in short readings and will work on projects individually and collaboratively. For example, students will be asked to select an illustration genre, find a contemporary parallel and present their findings. Students will interview local artists, give presentations, go on field trips, do workshops and visit studios to further engage in a dialogue of the uses, definitions, and value of illustration as an enduring social art form.

    Prerequisites : Major standing

    3 credits
    IL 423

    Illustration Majors Studio

    Students strengthen and refine skill sets, further developing research methods, practicing self-critique, meeting deadlines, and locating their personal voice and interests. Third-year students continue to work with shorter-term assignment-based illustration projects and focus on certain methods with faculty support. Seniors work on a cohesive, portfolio-ready body of work on both short-term and long-term projects where skill, research, and personal voice are concrete and visible. Guest illustrators, studio visits, critiques, field trips, and readings continue to support and broaden their experience and understanding of the field, presentation, and professional practices.

    Prerequisites : Major standing

    3 credits
    SEM 451

    Professional Studio (Craft, Fine Arts, Digital Media, Illustration and Design)

    This one-semester course is designed to deliver professional development information to seniors through presentations and lectures pertinent to artists and designers. Topics from how to establish a studio/community to various ways of working with individuals and the public; to making a professional identity package and finances plus many more will be explored. In addition to lectures and tutorials, there may also be field trips connected to appropriate topics, as well as visiting artists and professionals such as a CPA and Maine Arts Commission. Class projects are designed to offer specific experiences and skills pertinent to the student’s professional development. Sections will be split to focus on area-specific professional information and assignments.

    Prerequisites : Must be majoring

    3 credits